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Business Blogging: Why Bother?

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Posted 27th May 2013 at 06:43 AM by ncairncross

After I wrote my Business Blog diary post yesterday I was left feeling a little bit unsatisfied with myself.

Sure, adding new original content each week to a business blog, which is always going to be naturally full of key phrases, is always good for the search engines, but a Business Blog Diary style post in and of itself is not targeting specific phrases so I don’t really write them for the search engines. I write them for my readers (or so I thought….) and they do often get shared around so I think you like them.

After I had hit publish on yesterday’s business blog diary entry however, I found myself asking myself unaccustomed questions like….

* Why did I bother?
* What value did I add this week?
* Why do I keep going?
* How can I have anything new to say?

Especially as, with the appearance of the Share & Like buttons, you rarely get comments nowadays.

As often happens, as I wandered round the business blogophere, coffee in hand (my Sunday morning treat) I found other business bloggers musing on the same topic such as Chris C Ducker from who I was checking out as Pat Flynn uses his company for oursourcing.

A Bit Of Business Blog Diary History

Back in 1999 or so, when I first got started in coaching and was learning how to market my coaching business online, my business mentor said “Why don’t you write a weekly ezine like I do?” and as I’m a “good girl” I immediately did exactly that. Moreover, I started to archive my ezine on my little 5-page website, with a link to all the back issues on the navigation bar.

After a few years of steadily growing search engine traffic, I realised that these ezines were building relationships with the visitors to my site, but that the back issues were not only adding to my website with “constantly updated relevent content” but were, in fact, a very early form of a business blog, although the software didn’t really become popular till 2005 with Typepad and then around 2006 with WordPress.

But Are My Business Blog Diary Posts Adding Value?

Most of the time when I write a business blog post, I know I AM adding value because I’m sharing the latest tools I’ve found, the research I’ve uncovered, what tactics I’ve used in marketing Esoteric Records, ArtistManager, The Money Gym, The Acacia Hotel, The Business Success Factory & Cairncross Media and now BearPawMusic and the Brighton Jazz Festival.…practical stuff, you know?

But I didn’t feel I’d done that particularly this week.

When I looked back over yesterday’s business blog diary post in particular, of course I found I’d added value – I’d told you about one of the best books I’ve read for a while now, called “Willpower” which you really should read whether in business or even if you are struggling to keep up your New Year’s Resolutions as it will help.

I also found some typos – there are always a few that you miss, no matter how many times you read it, which is one of the main good reasons to type your business blog posts in Word first, then use the little “W” widget to import the content. There is a spellchecker in here but it’s very American so I tend to ignore it.

Granted, I didn’t feel very well yesterday, so consequently I was not feeling very inspired at all, but I did feel compelled to write a Business Blog diary post this week, not least because I missed doing one last week, I was too busy actually doing the stuff to write about it.

But because I’ve been sick this week, I’ve only achieved about half of what was on my “to do” list, so I wanted to achieve this one thing on this one day at least.
A Regular Business Ezine Naturally Flows From Regular Business Blog Posting

I also can’t send out my ezine without a Business Blog diary-type post, I always have one of those, going back to 1999 when I first started sending out an ezine.

Actually, now I come to think of it, I’ve been resisting doing my ezine the last couple of weeks, not least because I’ve swapped to an HTML format, which I have to create each time in Coffee Cup because my familiar old Frontpage keeps adding horrible code into it, which makes it view strangely in Outlook and Gmail particularly.

It still views a bit odd (heading sizes and fonts are random) so that puts me off doing it too, because it’s not ever perfect when it arrives.

So I’m resisting creating my ezine, but writing the business blog diary post is moving me one step closer to doing the ezine, it’s using the “just getting the file out” in time management guru Mark Forster’s language.

Is This Business Blog Written For You, Or For Me?

As I thought about it, and started to write this article, I realised a couple of new things.

I write my business blog diary blog post for me as much as for you, it’s a tool to make me realise what I’ve done that week to move my business forward and to record my progress. If I don’t do anything, I’ll realise that I haven’t when I come to do the business diary so that often moves me to take some action, so I’ll have something to write about!

But more importantly, as I’m a business mentor, I think it’s important for me to lead from the front.

Writing my business diary each week, even if nobody is reading it, means that I can say – and I do, regularly – to my business and online mentoring clients with total integrity …

“Even if you can’t think of anything to blog about, and remember you DON’T have to always blog original content, but if you can’t….Why don’t you just write a business diary each week, outlining what you want to achieve in your business each week to move it forwards, what challenges you face and how you overcome them, what you want to achieve the next week. At least then, you will be adding regular key word targeted content to your blog and getting the search engines going….and that will build traffic and a community of people who know who you are, what you do and most importantly, what you can do for them…”

But I can’t tell you all to do that, if I’m not visibly doing it myself eh?

And so I do.

And every week, having once again reminded myself of the value (to you hopefully, but definitely to me) of writing an original business blog diary post, I’ll be back next week!
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