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I Still Believe...

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Posted 4th February 2009 at 01:14 PM by Oracle_320th

I learned about internet marketing 4 years ago when my age was 18. I quickly learned a lot of things.

I remember that time, just get 10 links from link exchange and your website will show up at Google first page. I even used free hosting website!

I can make a lot of money back then. The problem...All affiliate networks didn't want to deal with my current country. You don't know how I envy kids that lived in US. They get all the access and facilities, they can easily make hundreds of thousands of dollars if they put a little effort.

Imagine, just to load one internet page back then required 10 minutes. That was an internet connection speed at my current country back then. Not forget to mention $100 I had to pay every month. When the average salary of employee in my country was $100 per month, thing can be very though.

Time goes by and things are getting better. The internet speed is improved a lot. Still there are many mountains that I have to surmount.

I paused from all activities for nearly 2 years since I got lungs problem.

I play at forex trading and I got busted. I borrow $4000 from my father and nearly lost all of them. It was not because of my method or ability. As a matter of fact I successfully made 100% return from $1000 in my first 3 months.

The problem, the only way I know how to make money consistently from trading is through trend-trading. Trend trading means you have to be very patience. Sometimes, you have to wait a year before you enter the trade.

When I need to eat tomorrow how can I afford to wait for a year? I let my emotion got in my head and I busted up. I haven't dare to tell my father about this.

I think I will give IM another shoot. I tried to offer my writing service and thanks God, PayPal now available at my country so I can make a living and little-by-little rebuilding everything again.

I gave PPC a shot. From $88 initial investment I made $178. Still, I can't cash in ClickBank check at my country. I got Adsense chekc $379 and I can't cash it either.

With $300 cost of living it is little that I can deposit for PPC. I know there are a lot of other traffic sources such as EzineArticles and generic search engine, but things are not easy as it used to be.

Today, it can take 1 or 2 years before your website can show up at Google. Even with long-tail-keywords you need a very strong link from directories or high PR website. And even with all of that you will need to wait a month before your listing will show up.

Even more, no matter what method of research that you use there is never a guarantee that one niche will make you money. You only get the rough measure.

With all of my computer study I don't have a time or patience to wait for generic SEO result.

PPC is the fastest and the most proven way that can allow me to test and refine my business strategy.

When I went to bank to ask if I can cash in my check, you know what they told me. "we need initial deposit of $10,000 to cash this check since it is foreign check".

Are you nut!!!! I cash in $178 check because I don't have money, how could you expect me to deposit $10,000!!!

Oh by the way, I used virtual office address at Spore to apply for ClickBank account. But I haven't sign up for it, so I just borrow their address. I put $100,000 threshold at ClickBank, for a while I can park my commission there.

I don't understand why ClickBank and other affiliate networks make things so difficult. There are a lot of smart people here at Asia. For example, recently I read my local newspaper and there was one people that invented Power Plant using gravitation power.

All I want to do just to make the vendor so rich and in return I got a slice of pie. Win-win solution.

There were a lot of other inventions as well such as motorcyle that uses wind power. Or bio fuel using herbs. Imagine if those people live in US or at least China, my ancestor's land, they will make billions of dollars!

Government even doesn't bother to notice them all. They all are too busy to decide who will become president or bribe people to choose for their political group. I will be blunt that this country has the worst corruption cases you will ever see.

Even worst than triad. Thing about triad at least they have an honor. They will fulfill their promise even if that means their own death. With my country, you will be robed until you broke.

From minister to local police all play a role in corruption and nepotism. Don't believe me? Take a loot at FreePort case. Hundreds of millions of dollars goes to small group of power, and Papua people get nothing at all.

I knew the deal that US entrepreneur will split the profit with government. But during years that money never go to citizens. It only went to one family "president no 2 family" who estimated has $8.9 billions fortune.

Maybe things will be a little better if my grandfather choose to go to Singapore.

Fortunately, I will continue my study there this August. I still believe, no matter how hard it may seem, someday I will make hundreds of thousands of dollars from IM.
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