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Network Traffic, Marketing And Congruency

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Posted 12th March 2014 at 01:04 PM by ronfrey

Congruency To Your Niche Is Essential

In my last post/article and due to my survey results I am focusing on how to increase website traffic.

As discussed, it is my opinion that there are really 4 key components to doing this.

They are:

1. Content is king and always will be.

2. Congruency to your niche is essential.

3. Consistency is a must.

4. You do not have to spend bundles of money for results.

The last writing was on Content being King with is a really thoroughly covered topic but needed to be included. Today we will talk about Congruency to your niche or audience.

Definition: Congruency - the quality or state of corresponding, agreeing, or being congruent.

Congruency when writing articles/blogs or any copy means that it is relevant to your product or service (your website/blog).

If you are marketing high tech cameras and related equipment or accessories you would be ill advised to do a feature on rodent eradication.

Going a step further you could write an article on the features of a particular camera that has a motion detecting feature that is so sensitive it can even detect rodents in complete darkness.

With the last example the article is now congruent to the high tech camera business and congruent to what your audience/niche expects to read about.

This is especially important with an E-commerce website and any ad that you might decide to run for the site.

1. Customer are generally pretty specific in their searching and GOOGLE filters their search for them. Google will only count content on your website that is relative to your customers search and will rank your accordingly. If by chance a customer does get your website, any content unrelated to their search will merely be a distraction. They will BOUNCE.

2. When writing ads that can be extremely expensive it is critical that your ad is congruent with the product or service you are offering. The ad must correspond directly to the product you are selling.


• You place an ad stating - Three Secrets to a Perfect Garden

• They click on the and are taken to a website called JOES FENCING Co. Com

Now it may be true that it is a good idea to have fence around your garden but that is not what the customer was looking for, they want tips on growing the perfect garden.

You have just annoyed someone and have also paid for a click on an ad for nothing.

There are many who feel that when it comes to blogging congruency is not a big deal, I disagree.

If your blog is for social reasons fine write anything you want and have fun with it.

If on the other hand you are trying to market something (anything)it is best to stay congruent to your blog sites intent. That means staying on topic.

Adding specific congruent content to your blog on a consistent basis is what will get you ranking, visibility and customers.

Having said all of the above, I do like to throw out some stuff that I feel people may appreciate and is off topic but I do that just to keep it interesting for my current audience.

I do it only on my blog and to my mailing list not on my E-Commerce website.

Going off topic will never get you traffic.


Best Regards

Ron Frey

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