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Learn From Fat Failures...

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Posted 25th September 2013 at 03:22 AM by sidneyng

I hate to sound like a bigot.

This may attract some controversy - or even haters.
Haters are going to be haters right?
But do hear me out.

So I am not going to apologize for being blunt and forthcoming.
But do hear me out.

I think there is a direct co-relation with being fat and not doing too well in life. That is not to say that all horizontally challenged people are failures. Or that thin / fit people are definitely successes. I wished it was that easy. LOL.

Rather - I noticed a few success patterns that are present when you follow a healthy lifestyle:

Delayed Gratification - being patient and not rushing to that next new program / system to immediate riches.

Self Control - in keeping a healthy diet. Refraining for doing things even if they "feel like doing it".

Discipline - in keeping a good workout / eating routine. Doing things even if they don't "feel like it"

A Healthy Self Esteem - fat people usually see themselves as lesser due to their weight and inability to do certain things due to their weight

Confidence - fat people often have an excuse for eating more / not having the time to workout / and almost everything else that happens to them

Continuous Tracking / Improvement - keep tracking on what works / what doesn't (be it workout program or diets) and carry on increasing weights and reps to ensure you get the results that you want.

Working Out - taking action and not just being an "armchair fitness guru". Don't be that fat kid that advices people on what to eat / how to workout by just reading all about working out.
I usually "politely" thank them for advice on what to avoid - so that I don't end up like them.

Drown the Haters & Carry On Hustlin - sure its weird that everyone else chooses to go watch a movie and eat pizza when you choose to spend time working out or having a healthy salad. But it's these traits that make you different from 99% of the population out there. Remember, if success is easy - everyone would be successful. Success is for those who ignore the crowd and continue to do what is right - day after day - despite what the other failures say.

Never Giving Up - Sure you have your up's and down's but the point is to "fall down 10 times but get up 11" (can't recall where that awesome quote came from).

I honestly think you are what you eat and you are the result of what you choose to prioritize in your life.

If you choose to prioritize lazing about instead of hustling your balls to make epic things happen, or working out - you really don't have anyone else to blame.

In short - cultivate great success habits, eat less carbs, sugar, workout more, and continuously take action daily towards your own success...

Hope you found this useful ;-)
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