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Are You Waiting For Perfection?

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Posted 11th January 2011 at 09:39 PM by Sylvia Meier

With a new year upon us, many people are looking for ways to change their lives, to make their own impact on the world. And you know what, many will never do it. They will never take that first step, let alone the one to bring their idea into reality.

Do you know why?

They are waiting for perfection. The perfect time, the perfect set of circumstances, the perfect way to present it, and guess what?

It isn’t ever going to be the perfect time.

Never will it be that perfect moment. So what’s you excuse now?

You see I just finished reading Paul Myers’ TalkBiz newsletter and it really resonated with me. (If you’re not on his list, you should be! And not just cause we almost share a last name LOL Myers, Meier)

Here’s a quote from it:
Imagine for a moment that you have one line to deliver. Just 12
simple words. You’re on the grandest stage ever walked by man.
You have the largest audience there ever was, with literally
hundreds of millions of people watching, cheering you on. There
will be no second performance, and no-one will ever play your
role again.
Just that one line, this one time. And you blow it.
How would you feel?
Here’s the line, as it was delivered:
“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”
Mrs Wombat would have cringed, and then rapped Commander
Armstrong across the knuckles with her ruler.
Stated that way, ‘man’ and ‘mankind’ mean the same thing. The
sentence doesn’t make sense. It was supposed to be “One small
step for _a_ man, one giant leap for mankind.”
But does it matter?
The only people who ever think about that today are grammar
zombies and the people who hunt them. To the rest of the world,
it’s as memorable as any line ever delivered. And for good
reason: They care about the spirit of the thing, not the
If you want people to remember your message, you don’t have to
be perfect. You do have to have spirit.
Do you think Neil Armstrong will go down in history for the
most famous botched line ever? Do you think he spends his days
worrying and his night sleepless over having omitted a critical
word from his introduction to immortality?
Hell no. He didn’t just put himself out there. He put himself
waaay out there. His leap was a leap of faith, taken on behalf
of every human being on the planet.
To paraphrase a famous redneck: “He got ‘er done.”
That’s what counts.
There have been a lot of great speeches in the history of this
country. One of the most famous was given on August 28th, 1963,
by the Reverend Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.
I remember watching it on the TV news, then and many times
since. He was set to end the speech on a lower, more cautious
note. For whatever reason, he didn’t feel it was right for the
time, or perhaps not as good as it might have been. We’ll
probably never know for sure why he hesitated.
When she heard him getting ready to send the audience home,
Mahalia Jackson, one of the greatest gospel singers of all
time, encouraged him from the background. “Tell them about your
dream, Martin. Tell them about the dream!”
So, he went on. He told us about his dream. And he changed the

Could you imagine if either of those men decided that it wasn’t the right time. That it wasn’t the perfect circumstances?

Could you imagine the state of the world right now? Could you imagine if the “I have a dream” speech never took place. He didn’t tell Mahalia it wasn’t the perfect time. No, he shared his thoughts, his emotions, his very dreams with the world, and look at the changes he brought about.

Now look at your ideas, your dreams, your very being. Do you feel it isn’t the perfect time to share that which is inside you? Do you feel it isn’t thr right moment in time, that the stars aren’t perfectly aligned?


Stop making excuses. Stop waiting for that perfect moment that you already know won’t ever come. Stop looking for reasons why you can’t share yourself with the world, and start doing it. Make 2011 your year to shine. Make it your turn. Your moment in the sun to share everything you have inside you.

Thanks Paul for your catalyst newsletter, and allowing me to republish it here.

And to the rest of you, what are you waiting for, life’s busy passing you by.

Love always,
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