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Internet Marketing through the eyes of 14 year veteran Troy_Phillips. Warning: Unconventional Wisdom Ahead!
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Getting The Most Out Of The WF

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Posted 22nd February 2013 at 03:31 PM by Troy_Phillips

Many try to go about selling online ass backwards. They find a great product and then try to find a hungry crowd. In reality it is a lot smarter to find a crowd, determine what they will buy and get the product in front of them.

That is why I love forums so much.

In reality, I have been rather lax of late for the fact my mother has been very sick and I have dedicated a rather large chunk of time taking care of her.

Even without logging on for days I have still built a pretty decent sized list from just a sig file at the Warrior Forum.

At least I consider it pretty good .. about 100 new members a week and me doing nothing .. and I mean nothing to get them.

Not even logging in to the forum. Past work has paid off.

It will for you too!

The best way I know to help you is to lead by example.

This means I will do a complete promotion for you in this and upcoming blog post. The first thing one needs to do is survey the crowd.

This can be done in an actual survey or you can do it by reading questions and post and noticing reoccurring themes.

If you look on forum there are certain things always in demand.

Website Traffic

Email List Building

Faster Ways To Make Money


This just names a very few in demand things. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of niches and sub niches on the WF. For my signature file I will offer a quicker way to make money, coaching, and a link back to my WF blog.

One link is to build a list and another is to test a product. The test link will change at times but the list builder link will more than likely stay.

More on the promotion process to come.

Troy Phillips is a 14 year plus internet marketer who offers advanced advice and coaching at Troy's Take
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