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The power of Following Through

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Posted 20th January 2014 at 08:35 AM by visimedia

Lots of shinny things today, huge bunch of new shinny offers in WSO and tons of those in Clickbank.
Which way to go? Would you spend half of your budget in those new shinny offers while you abandon your current projects that are yet to generate you positive cashflow?

Well, it's like the story of gold hunter in America years ago, while people are buying gold mining and digging equipment, they hunt the place that are predicted to have the gold.

One day, a man (which is I forgot the name) found a place, in here his meter (a tool to measure the gold content level) is showing really high indication that this place has very good content of gold, it's a gold mine but no one can see it because they have to dig down much deeper to prove it.

Then he does the digging, days in and days out, finally he reaches the surface of the gold. He reaches the first layer outermost of the gold mine.
He gets more excited and keep on digging, day after day after day, but finally he gives up because there's nothing he can find.

What's next?

He sells all the equipment including the land (with the gold inside). Guess what's the end of the story?

Yes, the buyer gets very rich because he just needs to dig around 30cm to reach the REAL surface of the gold mine.

What about you?

Wait a minute, before asking you about yourselef, I will share a bit about how I'm doing related to follow through.

I have a local website which is Indonesian about job board, it's been more than 1 year now. It's not making any money in the first year, why? Because I didn't plan how it will be monetized.

Just to share to you, the website is Bisnis MLM.

Then what I do till now?
Honestly at first I just want to test things out to rank in my local country, studying SEO, implementing what I learned years ago. Yes, testing out.

It finally reached google page 1 ranking number 1, and finally I stopped updating the content and it began to sink.

What do you think, if you were me? I know a saying:
winners never quit but quitters never win.

But actually in real world, we really need to know there's an opposite saying, I forget what it says but actually it tries to say that : you have to know the timing, including when to dump a project and when to keep on working on it.

Well, I have proven again and again, the thing goes unexpectedly, including in our online businesses.

I personally believe, when there's a will, there's a way. Yes, I'm persistent.

Some projects looked not too profitable, but after following through of them in the end I reap what I sow, it turned out to be very profitable after few months. Lol.

It's hard to believe.

So, following through also means, you have to invest your money not to the new shinny things like those in the marketplace today, I prefer to invest on what I already started, growing it, and when it becomes very profitable then we sell it.

I think we have to pay attention on what we're investing and buying. Know the timing when to buy new stuff, to start new projects, and when to follow through.

I can GUARANTEE one thing:
no successful projects that has not been followed through by the project managers/ the owners.
Finish what you started.
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    good entry, will start doing more entry again, bisnis mlm terbaik.
    Posted 31st May 2021 at 09:07 AM by visimedia visimedia is offline

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