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Becoming an Expert of PPC and paid traffic

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Posted 3rd November 2015 at 11:01 PM by visimedia


You know the number 1 problem that tons of people are facing about paid traffic like pay per click is their drained, I mean the 'blood' a.k.a. advertising budget.

People just don't get it and send traffic to some offers just to make some lil to nothing in result.

It's just a bit hard to teach people or at least to tell people the truth about pay per click, that they have to really know what works with ppc, without having to burn their cash.

The big players are doing pay per click different way, with different tool, different programs.

Interested to know more?


PPC or pay per click marketing is still a winnable game, as long as we know the way to do it.

Paid advertising is still the way to do it, to win it big, and to make big cash and in fast turn around.

If you haven't succeed with it, this post should help you out around this issue.

As we know that in ppc we have to know the 2 major factors :
  1. quality traffic
  2. converting offers
So about the quality traffic, you can't just sign up with a traffic network that's cheap and then send them to a CPA program.

You have to know people (the traffic) psychology. It can been seen in keyword tool like google keyword planner, or maybe with facebook you have to know the interest of those people because this way you will know what keyword you'll use in your campaign, landing pages, etc.

You also need to know what kind of offer that's currently converting, in which you can't just pick one and send 'any' traffic to it.

1 particular offer is definitely not for 'anyone', right?

We have segmented market here, so it's happening to all niche. Picking the right niche is also the way to do it.

People are talking about it all the time, about niche selection, picking the right product, promoting CPA stuff, survey stuff, etc.

But guess what?

I find out the only program that I can successfully promote so far has only 1 criteria:

giving real value that people really want to have.

I tried mobile advertising program like games installation but it didn't work out for me. Maybe for other people, but not for me.

That's weird.

Once I get whether it's a high ticket or low ticket item, as long as I drive targeted traffic and the program I promote is delivering high value that people really want, despite of the price, it converts.

That's crazy!

So, then I learn lots of things about picking offers.

Promoting info products has been a busy work, because tons of people are doing it the same way, let's say WSO as 1 simple example, or JVzoo.

I know few quality WSO, but much worse people have lots of low quality info products with too hyped sales copy.

You can't promote that one, why? Not only because it converts only less than like 5% of your traffic, but also the risk is so high of getting bad refund rates.


It's not about inventing your own wheels, it's not about against the trend, but it's about being different and do what really converts.

If you can find something that's really different, hard to find elsewhere, that people are willing to pay for it for a long run and it will make you tons of cash, then go for it.

Small cash every month is good, because lots of people will want it.

This one is an example of exclusive affiliate program that you can't find elsewhere and converting really well.

It's simple, it's converting, all you have to do is to realize that people are willing to really pay for this type of service/ product.

When you realize it yourself, then you have the confidence to really get out and promote it.

If you don't have a list for this type of traffic, don't worry because with a hard work then you can really find the market, even more if you get the support to learn and really get into the market which is already there.

You can do it.

Here again the exclusive affiliate program list.
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