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Better protection to prevent website hacking

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Posted 2nd November 2015 at 11:00 AM by visimedia


As an internet marketer, hosting and domain have been our least concern which is the right thing. We're not tech geek or nerd, but we're more into making deals and ensuring money is coming our way.

Doing that part as a marketer, it requires tons of our energy and we can hardly keep up with our websites one by one. It's gonna be easier when we have VA or stuff like that, but most newbie marketer won't have it because they can't afford it yet.

We don't have time to ensure that we get the best one time fee web hosting deal or something, but we want to ensure 1 thing that we can get the best security system possible with affordable price in every hosting we buy.

I personally have multiple hosting companies like many online businesses out there, but the thing is how many times I have changed my passwords, they can just got into my file manager and embed files that I don't like at all.

How It Began

I tap into a web hosting company that promised a very trusted deal, they've been around for like years.

I like to have a very cheap and win win web hosting deal, because I've seen many times that cheap and reliable hosting deals does exist.

After jumping into this deal I started to deploy few sites there.

I can't quite remember the exact step, but I think the security loophole happened when I installed my wp site.

It's using auto installer as usual, but the thing is the admin login detail is so predictable, and maybe people come into that predicted login detail wp site and inject a file that can whether:
  1. redirect the traffic into a very ridiculous cpa offers, or
  2. inject a banner into our header or any part of the blog
The 1st time encountering this type of hacking, I was a bit shocked knowing the traffic will be a rubbish because they'll have a very bad user experience.

What I exactly did: the solution

This is the few steps that I really had to do, not sure which one of these steps got the best benefit or impact on fixing the error, but I just can't stand on the traffic and website hacking or hijacking like this.

  1. asking the support team to erase the injected file, the should see the history of the suspicious login
  2. change the wp login detail into very strong password and save it
  3. change cpanel password into a strong combination as well
  4. ask the team support why it happened
I personally can't find a very relieving answer from the hosting company, and it's no use to very take it too long on this problem.

I then decided to see if it'll happen again with this hosting company because if it's happening again then I have to close my account in this hosting company and open in other company.

I experienced something like this 2x with this hosting company, and they didn't know why exactly this happened.

So hopefully you'll never experience stuff like this before, and hope this post will give you such a good information so you can concentrate into the online business and not the tech geek part because it's so exhausting and time consuming.

Don't deal with the wrong company and here's some more information about a friend's web hosting company that's still new but already have a solid offer and support quality. I've been a customer of his other products for years and he's the man of integrity.
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