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34th Post

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Posted 4th March 2009 at 03:48 PM by Zale

I have started a 2nd campaign.

I am not making any money yet - but I fully expect to any day now. Its just a matter of finding the right keywords at the right price with the right ads.

Same account.
Same keyword set.
Same campaign structure.
Started keyword pricing at the same place.
Campaign2 has 11 ads for each keyword set.
I started the same way with Campaign1.
(Ads are deleted once they have over 100 impressions and < .5 CTR)

Differences Between Campaign1 and Campaign2:

1)Before launch of Campaign2 I modified the headlines slightly so that read better, instead of just being the exact keywords.
(I am currently fixing Campaign1 to be the same. The goal is to increase my QS.)

2)The landing page for the second product has lots of links to a very large an extensive site with many different products and services available.

3) Campaign2 has no location limits.
(A Reminder: Campaign1 is limited to the largest cities in Canada and USA)

4) Campaign2 launched with a max CPC for the adgroup of .10 while Campaign1 had it set to .50. My understanding was the Adgroup amount is over ridden by the Keyword amount and is only used when there is no keyword amount.

The results after one day have been interesting.

I have been running Campaign1 for two weeks now. Only three days have I spent my maximum spend.

Campaign2 hid it max within a couple of hours of running.

The average CPC for Campaign 2 was .32 while for campaign1 it has been around .58

Other thoughts...

I looked at PC Bully examples. They said it takes a week or two to get decent results.
Looking at their examples - It was interesting to note the large number of ads and keywords that were not profitable.

The number that were all Direct vs. Landing pages etc.

It would be really nice if somehow T202 could give us the same data - with the data scrubbed of all details.

In a sense provide some sort of way of seeing what works for people and what doesn't. Number of clicks, the number of ads, all the stuff we look at.

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