Adding a FAQ Section into a Sales Letter.

by GlenH
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Hi All,

I wanted to ask if anyone has any insight into putting an FAQ section as part of a sales page..

If for example, you were selling a software application, and you knew that you had been receiving similar questions multiple times, would it be a good idea to add an FAQ section at say the end of the sale letter?

It was my thought that if a prospect had questions in their mind as they read the sales letter, they could at least get an answer there and then, and still go on to order..

But if there was no opportunity to get their questions answered immediately, they would almost certainly click away and not order, maybe never to return

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    I've only used a FAQ section once. The sales letter was successful, but I didn't split test to see if conversions would change without it.

    Besides answering questions a reader is likely to have, a FAQ section can also be used to resolve objections.

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      Originally Posted by Alex Cohen View Post

      Besides answering questions a reader is likely to have, a FAQ section can also be used to resolve objections.

      You're right Alex....

      Those 'questions' that crop up in the readers mind as they go through the sales letter really do become objections.
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      Glen, make sure the biggest and most frequent questions
      are answered at the very biggining of your message,
      not in a FAQ.

      I've seen this one change increase the number of leads
      by 20 times on a manufacturing and wholesale website.

      The questions asked had nothing to do with features or benefits btw.

      Doctor E. Vile
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    I did this not because I wanted to convert but rather save me the time of answering questions of people who are already familiar with my other product.

    Here's the sales page sample in case you want to check it out:

    DealGuardian —
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  • I like FAQ's.

    Saves having to wade through 29 pages to find the answer.

    But as mentioned if there is a likely "big" objection.

    Deal with it as soon as humanely possible.

    Or the good readers will clickety click at the speed of light.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) along with sections like "Who This IS/IS NOT For" and "What This IS/ISN'T" serve as both objection busters and qualifiers - they're sort of cousins of the same family.

    If you're getting the same question(s) over and over again the market is telling you in no uncertain terms you need to address it more directly and fully in the copy.

    Sneaky Trick: Since FAQ answers are usually very short, put a link in the FAQ answer to the section in the copy that deals with the question more completely.


    Q: Is the software Mac / PC / Mobile Compatible?

    A: YES - Garbanzo Bean is a [link]cloud-based web app[/link] that works great, right inside your browser, on Macs, PC's and/or your favorite mobile device (iOS or Android)

    ^^^ links to a section back up in the main copy with the subhead:

    Use It Anywhere, Anytime, On Any Device - Mac, PC or Mobile

    Whether you're in the office or on the go, Garbanzo Bean is always just a click away.

    The powerful software inside Garbanzo Bean is hosted in the cloud. That means you can put it to work instantly from anywhere you have web access.

    Just log into your private account using your favorite device - Mac, PC or Mobile - and all the tools inside Garbanzo Bean (along with all your saved data and preferences) are ready to go to work, no matter where you are.

    You can start working on your iMac in your home office, then seamlessly pick up where you left off on your PC at work. Then, after dinner, you can login on your iPad from the comfort of your couch and check your stats... Garbanzo Bean works the way YOU do.

    PLUS - It's always lightning fast, even if your computer isn't all that fast anymore. Since it's a hosted web-app, Garbanzo Bean's software engine runs on the same server infrastructure that powers Amazon, Twitter and many of the most high-traffic websites online.
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