How much to charge for help with ad campaign?

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I've been given a project by a digital agency to edit the copy for an ad compaign and am not sure what price to quote (so far I have exclusively written website content/blog articles etc). The campaign is for a very large international cosmetics brand; the agency is Hong Kong based so require my skills as a native English writer to provide copy that is gramatically correct etc. I helped the agency win the pitch by editing the copy in their presentation so they have offered me the work. It will entail editing the copy for the site campaign pages and 20 social media posts.

What would be a sensible price for this? Grateful for any advice!
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    Hi Mia,

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    To give you a good answer, we need to have an idea of the extent you'll be editing the ad copy. As in, how many pages are we talking... and will you be simply proofreading and correcting, or reworking the concepts, structure and copy?

    As for the social media posts... I've seen rates all over the spectrum. Myself, I wouldn't charge less than $200, or $10 per post -- especially if this is a 1-shot deal rather than an ongoing arrangement. Social media posts may not have many words per post, but that's why you have to make every word count. Super-short copy like SM posts or catalog copy can be some of the most challenging to get right. But when you do get it right, it can produce extremely high rate of return. So don't undersell the value you're providing your client.

    And you could always offer to handle their social media posts on a monthly basis for $250 to $500 per month (or more) depending on the number of posts.

    Hope this helps!


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    I would say start with the highest price that you think they will say "yes" to. Once, you start getting them results you can start asking for a raise, get a royalty, etc.
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