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Hi guys,

I was hoping to get some pointers on writing a business catalogue (sorry I spell that funny cos I'm Aussie). Anyway, it's for a company that import and wholesale bed linen, outdoor and kitchen linen. It's for distribution to their retailer clients and they want descriptions of each product.

Originally I quoted them for the catalogue as a whole, but what they want is to pay me for individual product descriptions and to use those same product descriptions online as well. However, I feel like there would be a difference, even if subtle, between writing for the retailer-customers and the general public. I think the catalogue would emphasise the quality of the products and the savings to the retailers, whereas the online product descriptions would be more emotive to persuade consumers to buy. One copywriter friend suggested I do not use second person in the B2B catalogue. What are your thoughts on the stylistic differences between the catalogue and web product descriptions?

Also, during my "research stage" I struggled to find where I could examples of catalogues like these. I figured I might find some catalogues if I went to a trade show but a websearch doesnt turn any up for me. Any ideas on how I can source examples? (where is this hidden library of linen catalogues for retailers!)

If anyone has done something like this, or written for the same industry, any tips would be a big help!

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