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Hey Guys,

I discovered an author that has a great book. As a Twilight fan (lets keep that a secret, ha ha ha) this book has the same feel and is really well written with critical acclaim from reviewers and purchasers. Book has 4.5 of 5 star rating on Kindle and already has a small fan base.

I was fortunate enough to discover that the author had very little marketing experience and on top of it, due to personal circumstances and change of name, decided to re-launch the book. The book is going to be re-written and re-branded with a new cover and change of author name.

Right now, through a lot of time and effort we have managed to come up with a unique Kickstarter funding idea with a possible recommendation from Stephenie Meyers herself.

All sales of current version of book will be stopped. A finite number of these books will be used as Kickstarter rewards. All monies raised from Kickstarter will be used to market the re-launch of the book.

Looking for some copywriting ideas for the Kickstarter title, blurb and general. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Any good copywriters willing to gamble on the success of the Kickstarter campaign inbox me with any quotes and proposals and I will send more information. Unfortunately no money right now.

Thanks Guys!
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    Good luck to you, but without any significant information about the author, genre of book and more, it is not possible for anyone to help you with ideas for an angle or a headline here in the forum.

    Marcia Yudkin
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