How to Write A Killer Sales Letter?

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I literally lost count how many sales letters and emails, landing pages and similar, I've written, edited, rewritten, checked, adjusted, and read so far. So, what I've learned from this "impressive" experience? Socrates wasn't much of a writer, but he nailed it with his famous "scio me nihil scire," or in plain English - I know that I know nothing about writing sales letters. Yet, there are some things I'm willing to share and discuss. Rest assured that they've proven themselves to be efficient and reliable. So, let's begin, shall we?

From RUSSIA with love!

I call it my RUSSIA writing rule:


I guess there's no need to explain in detail what each of these points means for your sales letter. Right? Here it is in few words. First of all, you need a sales letter, which is both understandable to read and understand. You can Google the term "readability" to see for yourself how important it is. In addition, a killer sales letter is short and simple. Basically, we're talking about the same things, but you'll be surprised how many rocket-science-sales-letters are out there. Those letters aren't selling a thing, I'm positive about it. When it comes to the last two letters on my list, you need to be original (innovative) and spark some positive action (sales).

Try walking in customer's/user's shoes, first!

Here's my oldie goldie favorite. I never write "blindly," meaning I like to try it myself, literally. This is how my wife was trying out some Korean face mask sheets, when I was writing sales letters for them. I also like to install apps or software solutions in order to try them first-hand. Future and potential customers and users appreciate honesty and realism, which are coming out from your "previously tested" sales letter. Better to invest a little bit of time in tryouts, than to focus strictly on writing itself. At the end of the long sales day, words AREN'T selling, but the info you provide.

Originality is original! Originality is priceless! Originality is uncompromising!

Again, you may find this one to be categorized as "needless to say," but there are so many look-alikes in the world of sales letters that it hurts. These letters are "original" in terms of Copyscape, but when it comes to structure and ideas, they're nothing more than rewritten and paraphrased copies. No matter how you put it and which words you use, trust me, you'll have better chances to attract someone's attention, if you're truly original. We've seen and read it all. There are no more surprises in this field. That's why any breath of fresh air is more than welcomed and properly rewarded.

A sales letter's main purpose ISN'T to sell!

Guess, this one doesn't make any sense at the first glance, but give it an extra thought. A sales letter is merely an invitation to talk, to share, to try, a first step of the long profitable walk. So, treat it as such. Don't oversell your own sales letter! Let it be relaxed and cheerful. Write a sales letter with no extra weight. You should write it as if you have to write at least dozen more. Those letters written in the end-of-the-world or now-or-never style can be quite repulsive.

Shock, but don't provoke! Be crazy, but know your limits!

You've heard or read somewhere that "shockers" are the true winners. All you have to do is to shock people, and the next thing you know money starts falling from the sky. This may be true, but only in Hollywood. In the world of sales, if you're playing your "shocking card" wrongly, you're going to be ridiculed and shared all over the Net as a do-not-this example. We all want to attract other people's attention, but there are certain limits we should respect. You aren't writing a gossip column, but rather a professional sales letter.

Honesty is the best sales letter writing policy!

Again, you job isn't to sell, but only to write. That's why you need to be honest about you're offering. Every single word you write will be checked or even double-checked. People reading your sales letters will have plenty of time to evaluate them and even use them against you. What you read is what you'll probably get. This is how it should be done. This approach may seem like shooting your own leg strategy, but what you really need are customers and clients that really appreciate your products or services, rather than completely mislead people. Think about it.

Play with the font, bold and colors!

It's very simple, but it's even more surprisingly efficient. It's too bad I'm a little bit too lazy right now to apply these in this article. Again, based on my experience, it's much better to look at the dancing letters than it is to be bored with an army of letters and words aligned in a perfect formation. Your sales letter shouldn't be a military parade for your words and letters. It should be more like a crazy party where every single word fights to attract attention and deliver a special message.

Your tips suck!

Yes, but this isn't entirely true. At least one of them should be of some use for your writing plans. This is my final tip with a catch. Put more than one sales letter in a single sales letter. Treat it as a missile carrying a couple of nuclear warheads. You don't expect for all of them to succeed, but one will do the job. One point in this article will make you think it was worth reading. One point or a part of your sales letter will make sure your entire letter works. I'm reading, writing and most importantly trying to improve all the time. The next time I sit down to write a killer sales letter, I may come up with a completely different set of tips. No move - No groove! Don't forget that!
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