My Simple Method for Getting New Clients

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Hey there,

So this post is all about getting new clients. And you can do it right here, at your home computer, any time of day. It's worked for me with about a 40% conversion rate. Any time things get dry, I use this method I developed and always get new clients, or if nothing else, some hot leads who I contact a couple weeks down the road.

Here's the method. It's very simple:

  • Find a website where the creator is obviously making an attempt at some form of sales copy, but you could do a much better job of it. Using the contact information on the website, write the site owner an e-mail saying something to the extent of this:
"Hey <name>,

I saw your website while browsing the web the other day, and I noticed that you obviously put a lot of effort into the written content on your page. It's refreshing to see someone who actually cares about what's on their site (I'm sure you've seen what's out there).

As a fellow internet marketer, I noticed a few things on your site that could actually be preventing you from getting as much business as you could. In fact, these things I noticed are really simple, too, and you could fix them all in one day.

However, just to put this on the table, I'm a professional sales writer (or copywriter, if you're familiar with the term), so if you'd rather leave this sort of thing to the pros, then the offer is on the table.

But even if you don't take me up on my offer, I hope you get a lot out of these free tips:

<list a few tips here that show you're an expert, and at the end of each tip, put a link to a project you've done that shows a good example of the right way to do it. this way you're accomplishing two things: 1, that you're an expert and an authority in your trade, and 2, you're showing your portfolio. sneaky, huh?>

Again, if you'd rather leave this to the pros, just write me back and we'll talk in more detail. I'd love to help you out, because I think it's great that you're really putting a lot of effort into your website. But regardless, enjoy the tips. I hope they make you a lot of money!

Best, and talk soon,

At this point, one of three things will happen:

  1. They won't respond (believe it or not, this is the rarest response)
  2. They'll thank you kindly
  3. They'll thank you kindly, and inquire about your services
Once they're interested in your services - this next step is VERY IMPORTANT.

Here's what you DON'T do:

You don't write an e-mail describing your services, and
You don't flaunt your copywriting skills by persuading them to hire you

You simply write an e-mail that's along these lines:

"Hey again,

Thanks for writing me back so quickly! I'm glad you got a lot out of those tips (I put a lot of time into them). I'd love to answer any questions you might have about how I can help you increase your business - what do you say we talk on the phone? What's a good number to reach you/ a good time to talk?

Thanks again,

Then, call them at the time they say (URGENT), and work some magic on the phone. If you have questions about how to talk to clients on the phone, feel free to ask. But if you're already good at that, then you should easily convert them if they've come this far.

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    Hey David,

    Great tips... thanks for sharing!
    Darrel Hawes - Blog
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    I find it a good method. And it can be adapted. I'm no copywriter, but layouts, videos, auto-responders, on page SEO, etc, that I can do and do a version of your script.

    What I've done too - and will do a lot more - is create a few short informative videos ending with my contact details, and in the email, give a link to said videos.
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      Do you mean create videos specifically for whoever you're e-mailing? Or just a set that you send to everyone?
      Copywriting Tips, internet marketing jargon, thoughts, and rants by me.

      Atlanta Copywriter, serving clients worldwide.

      Write your life.
      David Tendrich
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    Not a prob - glad I could provide you with some good content! If you try it, pm me and let me know how it works for you.

    Copywriting Tips, internet marketing jargon, thoughts, and rants by me.

    Atlanta Copywriter, serving clients worldwide.

    Write your life.
    David Tendrich
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    I've done this, and it works.

    Another tip, check out their Alexa/ rankings... See if they're getting traffic.

    If they're already getting a lot of traffic to the site, and you can help them convert more of that traffic into money, the copy will pay for itself within a day/week/month whatever...

    You can say "If I can increase your conversion rate by just 1%, you'll make $x amount more per day, and the sales copy will pay for itself within x amount of time."

    Most sites out there with bad copy aren't being promoted, because they don't sell, which means the owner might not be a good prospect.

    Also, when you get them on the phone, ask questions... Ask about traffic, conversion rates, what they hope to accomplish with the site... Etc.

    If I'm talking to a qualified prospect I'll generally chat it up for 30 minutes or so (if I'm confident they want to hire me) before discussing price or anything like that.

    Nice post.


    Over $30 Million In Marketing Data And A Decade Of Consistently Generating Breakthrough Results - Ask How My Unique Approach To Copy Typically Outsells Traditional Ads By Up To 29x Or More...

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    David, this is solid gold stuff. I've also PM'd you something...
    Multiply your sales and opt-ins using pre-selling techniques your competitors don't know about.
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    Yeah, I do the same on the phone. It's funny too, because when you talk to people on the phone, the first question is always, "How much will it cost?" Took me a lot of lost prospects to realize that you NEVER answer them right away ;-)

    Thanks for all the great comments, guys.

    Copywriting Tips, internet marketing jargon, thoughts, and rants by me.

    Atlanta Copywriter, serving clients worldwide.

    Write your life.
    David Tendrich
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      Nice tip David. It's a proven method that a number of copywriters have used successfully to land new business.

      If I may offer a way to increase your 40% conversion rate? If you don't want to read my advice, then just close the browser now.

      Okay, glad you decided to hang in there.

      There's tons of websites out there with subpar copy. Unfortunately, not all of them have the cashflow to hire a professional copywriter to improve their sales copy.

      If you do some pre-qualifying on the niche and product/service being sold, you can eliminate talking to a good number of non-prospects.

      Someone who is selling a $7 ebook probably won't have the cashflow to pay thousands for copywriting help. Even if they do, they probably won't do it for the $7 ebook site.

      Someone who is selling in a low income or low demand niche probably won't have the cashflow to hire a pro either.

      So eliminate the ones who are positioned poorly and are very unlikely to be able to hire help.

      Does my suggestion work 100% of the time?

      No... but no client generation method works 100% of the time.

      Hope that helps,

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    Thanks for that, great advice!

    Success is all about connecting personally with your potential client and by sending a bespoke email specifically discussing their site you are already head and shoulders above the usual spammy generic mail.
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      Nice tip Mike.

      I'll reveal an interesting story.

      I had another copywriter do this to one of my
      info sites which I have under an alias name.

      Why an alias name? Didn't somebody (was
      it Frank Kern?) get ripped off over a parrot niche once it
      became known it was his.

      Anyway. I asked this copywriter which areas
      he thought were weak. So he told me.

      Trouble was...

      John Carlton
      Doug D'Anna
      David Garfinkel
      John Angelache

      ... had ALL critiqued this particular web page at
      one time or another.


      So I guess the moral of the story is to look for
      the truly weak web sites. The low hanging fruit.
      And you'll prosper using Mike's method.



      Get a FREE 20 minute consultation on your sales letter. Contact me today
      And have the secrets A-List Copywriters - David Garfinkel & Parris Lampropoulos
      use in their multimillion dollar promotions

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  • Profile picture of the author John Galt
    Great post David.... served as my introduction to the WF. I just might learn a thing or two here.

    Take care -
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