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Hi Warriors,

I am selling a facebook advertising workshop in my country.
Recently, I just got a copywriter to create an SL for me.

Would love to get some feedback and thoughts from you guys =)

Facebook Advertising Workshop

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  • Well, the copywriting looks well to me, a bit large maybe, but I think it has some good quality.
    However, I think the design and display of the website is a weak point, it looks too old, it doesnt follow any of the latest trends about friendly websites, and the aesthetic elements are quite ugly, some of them even look like they were made in paint.
    A good website must have a good combination between aesthetic and copywriting, the clients will not read anything that is not put on a friendly environment, and they wont pay attention to the environment if the copywriting is not good enough, so we have to take care of both things.
    Good luck with your project!
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