Conversions Are Crap!! (A playful post)

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I have to admit, it gives me the chuckles.

I go to my Facebook feed, and every day it's the same story:

"Oh man I'm getting such SICK conversions on Stan's latest offer!"

"Yeah wow, that sales page, huh! He's really got the conversions dialled in on that baby!"

"O dudes! I'm running like 4 split tests on my squeeze page! Totally jacked my conversions from 22% to 24%!"

And blah, blah, blah.

Lol OK that may be a bit rough.

I don't want to poop too hard on all the badass IM buddies I have that are out there crushing it every day.

I admire your dedication. And yes, we ARE all here to make money.

But here's something...

What if, instead of focusing on conversions and split testing all the time, you just doubled down on building an audience?

And no, I'm not talking about your affiliates and IM FB Bros.

I'm talking about a REAL audience.

You know - customers.

Because they're the ones that ultimately give you the lifestyle you're living (or hoping to live).

So what if you focused more on discovering what your customers wanted?

And that way, you can stop focusing on what headline font will boost EPC by 3 cents.

Because money is great. But it's much more satisfying to change lives.
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  • Totally agree.

    Money comes and goes, What stays is memories, transformation and relationships.

    Build and audinece and a strong bond, thats what the great marketers do
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    But how do you get customers to focus on if your conversions are crap?

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      If your offer is solid, you'll have customers. Split testing to death can only help so far if the offer sucks.
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    don`t flush the baby with the water
    Seriously conversion is good but trafic also important, everything is in this business
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    Any particular test can and will reach the point of diminishing returns.

    At some point, you have to say 'that's good enough' and start drawing people in.

    There are three main ways to grow sales (and profits).

    1. Sell stuff to more people.

    This is the realm of traffic and conversion. Bring in more people, and get more of them to buy. Increase the number of orders.

    2. Get each person to buy more stuff.

    Here, we get into offers - bundles, upsells, cross sells, etc. Increasing order size.

    3. Get people to buy more often.

    Now, we're talking repeat business. Make a simple switch, like going to bi-weekly shipments from twice monthly shipments adds an extra two shipments per year - 26 vs. 24.

    Granted, these are simplistic. But at its root, business itself is simplistic. As Zig Ziglar used to put it, you want to trade your big stack of benefits for your customer's little stack of money. Do it right, and both of you walk away thinking you got the big half of the wishbone.

    The issue isn't really testing vs. not testing. It's what you choose to test at any given time. Keep cycling through the three items above, and the improvements you make don't just add up, they multiply. And that, as Martha Stewart likes to say, is a good thing.
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      I think I heard a mic drop somewhere....
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    Hi Nathan,

    I love helping people. Then helping more people.

    Some of those folks I help join my list or buy stuff. That I know this is technically converting someone, but I just see it as an exchange.

    The issue with converting talk, and prospect talk, is that in most IMers mind, when these terms get bandied about it dehumanizes the process of working online. Not a good thing. Because when you forget that you're dealing with people, not numbers, things tend to go South.

    Have fun. Help. Stick to the basics. Persist. Success will be yours.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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  • Hi Ryan ,
    Helping people or helping each other is natural for Humans,but in circumstances and bad experiencing people behave - South,South west or what ever in a wrong way. If initial analyzing is done per individual majority is doing well. And thorough professionals are least bothered,I noticed. You have a very formidable thoughts so I am sharing for boost to it.

    Regards. Khalid
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    Why don`t focus on both? I mean, you can have a "solid" offer, but if you don't give the customers easy ways to look for it, pay for it, or understand it, it might not me enough. You need to test if your customer get your product right!
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      Of course, focus on both.

      But if I had to pick just one, I'd pick building an audience every time.
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    It's a win-win situation.

    The problem is that for most of the people quality means 'what i have in mind'.

    They don't really research on buzzsmo or social or survey to their email list (hopefully i have to think they have one instead they have no business), and tend to think that what they care is what the world cares.

    But the brutal truth is elsewhere.

    So it's time to get a cold shower and face the fact that every post has to be written for audience's preferences in mind, i mean a solution to THEIR PERCEIVED PROBLEMS, not ours.
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      Couldn't agree more with this viewpoint. Know your audience, know what causes them pain and frustration, and learn how to address it - that leads to both an audience AND more conversions.
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    I totally agree, currently is looking to make real audience. I was relaxed over the months because I was making money from affiliate marketing. Now I'm looking to grow my traffic again because the numbers have become too low.
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      Good stuff, Vrach. Build a group of people you can serve and you'll never want for traffic.
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    money is great. But it's much more satisfying to change lives.
    Wow, that is a really great line. I've often wished more marketing gurus would follow-up with all the people they sold to and say, "How did you make out with this?" -- and when 99% of their customers fail to make money, would consider why is that?
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