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About a year ago, I launched a game that challenges people to write better, competitively. Shortly after launch, someone else posted it here thinking it could help folks learn to write more concise copy (different name / same game).

But I know there are lots of folks on here who are already excellent writers. Could you benefit from creative approaches for your ads, sales pages, and other copy that you'd never think of on your own?

I wonder if the *results* of this game could make your job easier.

You see, here's how the game works: players start with lousy copy and are challenged to make it as awesome as they can before time runs out. Quick GIF demo:

Officially, there's a winner--but on the back-end, each challenge results in many high-quality articulations of the original message. You could submit requirements for copy you want & sit back while dozens of testable iterations hit your inbox within hours.

Does this sound remotely interesting to any of you?
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    Interesting. I just gave it a try, and it has potential.

    One minor thing (minor, because after all it is just a coffee break game) but I'm not a big fan of the Final Score, which combines length & readability scores into 1 number.

    Brevity can be important, but unless you're strictly limited for space... readability, and understand-ability of the message are far more important.

    But it was still fun to play. Thanks for creating it. I'll bookmark the page.

    All the best,

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