How / where do you find freelance writers for your content?

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I would like to learn how you find writers for the creation of your website content (if you don't write everything yourself)?

Do you use the usual freelance writer marketplaces and what are your experiences with them?

On such platforms, while submitting a bid, one can choose which price per word is set - with an accordingly adjusted level of delivered text quality. But is it even worth one's while to offer the lowest choosable word price, or is that pointless, because the texts produced are of (too) low quality, in that case?

Or which other ways to you use to find your freelance writers?

I am thankful for any tips and recommendations of also lesser-known ways and platforms where I could find (good) freelance writers!
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    Hi OMM,

    The Pro Blogger Job Board is a fab resource for finding skilled writers.

    Pay up to play up. Meaning, expect to pay $50-$100 or more for a quality, 600-800 word post that actually drives traffic and increases your online income. Most people hire writers on the cheap, get poor quality work and make no money; bad investment. Pay more money to make more and more money down the road.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    linkedin is great to recruit
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      Yes, it's one of the top sites to get top-notch writers for your content needs.
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    There are a lot of good writers here on the Warrior Forum. Look in the Warriors for Hire section.

    You'll find a wide array of prices and talents.

    Place a small order for one or two articles and see if you like the writer's style and ability to research. Don't be one of those people who pops into every thread and asks for a free review.

    Give very specific directions on what you expect. Do you want a serious tone? Do you want them to add humor? Do you want them to include stories? Writers aren't mind readers.

    If you have research material make sure you give it to them. This helps them know the direction you want the article to go.

    If you find a good writer do your best to hold onto them by paying them a fair wage. Constantly trying to find new cheap writers can cost you more in time and frustration in the long run.

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    If you're looking for freelance writers, try creating a job post on job posting sites and do a trial test based in the type of work you want done. Sites like Onlinejobs and Freelancer have tons of online writers that you can hire for your content.
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    LinkedIn is a good source of writers. I find Fiverr and other platforms to be very hit and miss in terms of quality.
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