The Top 3 Reason Sales Campaigns Fail

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The worst feeling in the world, as a marketer, is launching a campaign you're thrilled about, and watching it bomb worse than anything you ever imagined in your worst nightmares. It's like throwing a party, and nobody shows up. Heck, it might actually be more like driving up your home after a long day's work, and your home's... gone.

The point is, there's an emotionally crippling feeling of devastation whenever a campaign you're excited about... never finds traction. When you spend months, or even years, building something that you pour your dreams into... only to watch everything you've developed... instantly crumble to the ground; well, it's devastating. The good entrepreneurs adjust, pivot, and try again... until they succeed (if they have the budget to keep moving forward with creative... until their conversions are scalable).

Here's my stance:

Campaigns that bomb aren't something that just happen. All it takes is doing a few things wrong to develop a campaign that doesn't connect with anyone. And no, that's not a put down to anyone. I've had my fair share of bombs in my 13 years as a copywriter. And the truth is, I'm infinitely better because of them.

So, don't fear failure; embrace it. Because everyone in their digital marketing journey WILL bomb. It's how YOU respond to the failed creative that determines how you'll look back at the experience... years down the road.

You can give up, and move on... or you can double down. You see, when your creative bombs, it's giving you a wealth of feedback and data to leverage for your re-launch.

The question is, are you "listening"?

Because... as we all know... there's no such thing as failure, unless you simply give up. So, let me rename the title of this piece. Let's call it The Top 3 Reasons Entrepreneurs Ultimately Succeed. Because a campaign that bombs - brings with it invaluable information you can use to adjust, and in the end, find that critical emotional connection with your audience... so they CARE.

But what are you "listening"... for?

Well, there are 3 elements in your copy that you NEED to always look at... when things aren't working... and quite frankly... even when they are.

These elements are:
  1. Positioning
  2. Mechanism (I'll explain.)
  3. And "Self-identification" (Again, I'll explain.)

Oh, there's a 4th element too, but I'll get to that at the end.

Now, for the sake of getting how these three sales elements work, I'm going to focus on just one part of a funnel, the money page. This is the sales letter, VSL, or webinar that pitches your main front end product.

That said...

What's the very first thing you're strategizing about - when starting any sales letter or VSL? How you're going to start your copy, right? In other words, how are you going to "enter the conversation"? How are you (hopefully) going to produce that instant emotional connection... your campaign needs to thrive?

This is Positioning.

Let me give you an example:

"What if there was a brand-new, scientifically-proven solution to put an end to your premature-looking, rapid aging?"


"What if you could look sexier and more radiant than you ever have in your entire life... just 10 days from today... guaranteed?"

Do you see how I'm entering the conversation in totally different ways? That's a simplified example of how you could sell an anti-aging peptide serum. I could come up with a hundred more of these, and build a campaign around any one of them. But that's not the point. The purpose of demonstrating this is to trigger a question like: "What aspects of my solution's benefits will draw people in the most? And how should I frame these aspects - so the emotion comes through the most?"

Now, the reason I put Positioning first is how the 2nd and 3rd elements are naturally integrated. For instance, look at that first "what if" example. Do you see the "scientifically-proven" part? That's where I hid the Mechanism.

Now, the Mechanism is critical in virtually any campaign... in any marketing space. It's the bridge that takes your agitation about my problem, and makes the solution FEEL believable to me. After all, if I think, "Sure, it'll work for Jenny, but I seriously doubt it'll do anything for me. I have way worse problems than her", I won't likely buy it, whatever IT... is. And boom, you got a bomb on your hands.

And it's the same with your Identification Factors. You have to give me a reason to "see myself" in that very first line of copy. It has to instantly inspire me to give you my full and undivided attention. (Which isn't nearly as hard as it sounds.)

Now, Identification Factors are the parts of your copy and campaign that get me to "raise my hand" and say, "Yeah, that's me. You get me!" And this goes way further than simply asking the audience, "Do you look old for your age"? It's about diving into the STORY people are telling ABOUT feeling too old for their age. Stuff like, "I look so tired and old. Nobody will ever find me attractive again. I guess I'm just not meant to find love."

That's HOW you get people to "see themselves" in your advertising. That's HOW you to get people to identify with your campaign. When you DO get people to "see themselves" in your advertising, it means you're guessing right about the stories that are constantly streaming through the minds of your avatar.

The bottom line is...

When you can get these 3 critical elements in your copy working in synergy... you're much more likely to convert right out of the gate.

Of course, I did promise a 4th element.

So here it is:

The face and voice of your company can make all three of these main elements either work, and your campaigns flourishes... or prospects instantly condemn your creative. They simply don't believe, "This person couldn't possibly be someone I need to listen to." And they click away.

That's why it's so important to make sure the face and voice of your campaign is a person your audience will trust and believe. (No more of that average Joe who accidentally discovered stuff.) You need a REAL authority speaking your messaging, or you will very likely struggle beyond belief.

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    So branding and marketing yeah?
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    I'd add audience selection and a subset of that being timing.

    Take cosmetic surgery.

    You've selected a group of women who are married,
    well established with children now mostly independent
    and they have the money for it.

    Plus they lead an active healthy lifestyle.

    Sounds good so far.

    Then we can add on they are buyers of Botox.

    Now we know they are proven buyers of entry point
    cosmetic procedures.


    Next step is timing.

    What tips these women over the edge
    to have a surgical make-over is divorce.

    She's got a second life.

    She has the money from her cheating ex, she's can go out and meet
    exciting men and only one thing is missing,...she is very aware age
    has given her body flaws, in her mind.

    So the magic of plastic surgery is going to fix it.

    Same group of women who had no interest in buying
    a few months ago but are now ready to splash out.

    It wasn't the constant ads in their face, it was
    just being there when she is ready in her time, not the advertisers.

    Surgical targeting.

    And yes you can select for that group,

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      Brilliance as always Ewen. It takes multiple touches, and constant engagement to build relationships with your audience. That's something the best in the business get, and others struggle with - through their own resistance to "showing up" for the people they want to help. But when you keep putting out compelling ads - surgically targeted at an audience you know will eventually bust out their wallets, amazing things can happen. It's called momentum. And once a marketer taps into it, things can happen fast.

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    Excellent advice, Mark (and Ewen too). Thanks so much!

    I'll save this post to reread...

    FREE Report: 5 Ways To Grow Your Affiliate Income

    Let Me Help You Sell: Sales Letters, Email Series, Pre-Sell Reports... PM me & we'll talk!
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  • Here's my trio ...

    1) You promo the f*ck outta sumthin' nowan wants.

    2) You hit on sumthin' PLENTY PEOPLE GONNA LOVE ... an' get so way stuck upya own asshole 'bout it, you kinda turn potential devotees into ANGRY HORDES shakin' their fists atchya for bein' Pretentiousness Soopremo Person.

    3) Zaaahmbie Apocalypse.
    tbh it is almost immoral to figure this baby into any business plan bcs it says ... GOOBERS gonna figure as ultimate WINNAHZ -- but I don't wanna louse out on transformational kudos ...

    Meantime, gonna hold onto Ewan's Divorce Gal options for the anytime ima stoopid enough to marry a w*nkbrain & live to regret it.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    Excellent information for Marketer.
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    Top 3 reasons why your marketing campaign might not be working, and what you can do to fix it:

    - You haven't assessed your competitive landscape

    To effectively and successfully execute your marketing campaigns, you need to first understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges for your business. In assessing this overall picture, it's vital that you examine not only your own situation, but also the marketing landscape as it relates to your competition.

    -You're copying your competitors

    If you're copying your competitors, you're always going to be following in their footsteps. And if you're following in their footsteps, you're always going to be in second place at the very best. Unfortunately, it's becoming harder and harder for new companies to enter into markets as the underdogs these days, even with a superior product.

    -You don't understand your target market

    You're excited about building your brand, and a major part of that journey is crafting compelling creative marketing initiatives. But before any creative juices start flowing, you must fully understand your audience, competition, and unique selling proposition.Developing a thorough customer audit can help you understand the relationship of your brand to its customer base, both existing and desired.
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    Todd Brown has an excellent take on the OP's topic. Based on his results over the years and his position of respect in the industry, his podcast is well worth listening to:

    015: The 5 Strategic Elements Of Every Marketing Funnel I Create

    Note: I have no affiliation with Todd.

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    Thanks for the valuable post and let me add my view point too. I believe, first reason is lacking in customer research. Customers expect from you to have details like who they are? What their company performs? Why they would require your services? Whom they functions for? Whom they deal with? Secondly, you should not miss to meet the criteria of opportunity. Third reason is to lack in doing research about the competition. You should even recognize how the competitor positions those provisions against your services and products.
    Thoughtful Minds - Offering Content writing, Copywriting that Search Engines and user both love.
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    You are right . However you should know that there is a process of warming up cold traffic. And this process is the secret of a successful launch. You should do a survey and understand the need and the problem faced by the target audience and these people could be your potential buyers. Keep them excited about your upcoming launch. It could be a FB group or even warrior forum. Collect email leads in exchange for prelaunch discount coupon. Once , you have reached your target then, you can launch.
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      Originally Posted by DharmaDev View Post

      You are right . However you should know that there is a process of warming up cold traffic. And this process is the secret of a successful launch. You should do a survey and understand the need and the problem faced by the target audience and these people could be your potential buyers. Keep them excited about your upcoming launch. It could be a FB group or even warrior forum. Collect email leads in exchange for prelaunch discount coupon. Once , you have reached your target then, you can launch.
      Yup, it's called Brand Awareness campaigns.

      And very few marketers use it.

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    Ensuring the output form launching a campaign is not easy. First of all, one has to have the tendency of losing bucks otherwise having the path of generating profit is almost rare.

    Knowing the audience, setting the business campaign, Use the compelling words, ensuring click are really matters of time and expertise.

    The tone and voice play the most significant role in the fields of conversion.
    During the campaign, one has to emphasize all the issues to be gainer or have ultimate success.
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