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Hi Copywriters,

I've been working on a product for a while now, and I could use some help with the sales copy, if anyone is interested in helping out.

The product is a timer for use on Android phones.

I need to create a squeeze page and copy for the app store.

I am having a very difficult time writing these things, so I shifted gears and wrote a F.A.Q., with the intention that it will be the first message users see from me after opening the app for the first time (they'll have to tap an Info icon to see the message, it won't pop up automatically.)

The top section (in bold italics below) is what I'm currently using as my sales copy in the app store. I don't know if this is adequate, or needs improvement to encourage downloads.

I'm also not sure if I should load up on some keywords to help me get found by people looking for a Project Timer, Pomodoro or Scrum Timer.

Do you think this same copy (the bold, italic stuff) can be used as-is on the squeeze page, with only a button to the Google Play Store as the only sign in option (no request for a name or email address)?

I am including the F.A.Q. in its entirety, as maybe you'll see a benefit or hook I'm not using as well as I could.




What is Project Time Machines, and why are there more than one?

Project Time Machines is an app designed to help you get your projects done.

Unlike other time management systems, Project Time Machines isn't looking to reorganize your life. It really doesn't care about your laundry needing to be picked up, or what time you have to get your kids to soccer practice.

Your PTM is only interested in one thing... The biggest, most important project you are working on right now.

* What is the overall goal for your project?
* When do you want to reach that goal?
* What specific actions will you be taking right now, over the next several minutes or hours?
* How long will you work, completely focused, starting now, with no breaks or interruptions?
* And when you're done working, your PTM will ask what you accomplished and what you plan to work on next?

You simply turn on your PTM when you're ready to start working, enter a few words or sentences about what you're doing, and turn it off when you're done.

No big setup process. No daily habits to develop. No daily maintenance of some complicated system.

It's as easy to use as a kitchen timer, but what you get in return is more usable, useful information about your progress and performance than any productivity system has provided you with before.

At a glance, you'll be able to see:

* What times of the day (or night) do you work most effectively?
* How much of the time you are at your desk (or wherever you work) is spent truly focused?
* And how much of your "work" time is spent distracted, taking breaks or otherwise goofing off?
* Do you have habits that are helping or hurting you? For example, do you work more effectively when you exercised that morning? Or do you work poorly when getting less than 7 hours sleep the night before? Your PTM will track your habits and how they may be affecting you, with almost zero effort on your part!
* Do you tend to sometimes take several days off (or longer) when working on a project? Your PTM will always tell you exactly how many days it's been since you've last sat down and got to work, which can be a great motivator for getting you back in action!
* No matter how much time you may have been away from your project, when you're ready to get back to work, your PTM will tell you exactly where you left off, and what you should be working on right now.
* What are the major roadblocks or challenges that are slowing down your progress, and how did, or do, you plan to overcome them?
* As you work, your PTM will record a step-by-step blueprint of every action you take, every challenge you overcome, and exactly-to-the-minute how much time you've spent working towards your goal.

Your project isn't going to complete itself. If you want to get it done, you're going to have to spend the time required, even if it's only a little time every day.

Project Time Machines will help you stick with your plan, improve your performance along the way and reach your ultimate goals.
In this very first version you are using now, you only have one PTM, which can monitor one project.

In the near future, you will be able to power up multiple Project Time Machines and monitor multiple projects simultaneously.

Please keep an eye on the Info icon in the top toolbar. This is where we'll let you know when new features are released.

What's an Op?
An Op (rhymes with hop) is short for Operation. Whenever you commit to working on your project for a specific block of time, whether it be 20 minutes or 12 hours, your PTM will refer to this block of time as an Op.

Your PTM is only interested in monitoring your time and progress while your head is down, headphones are on (if that's part of your process) and you are fully focused on your tasks at hand.

Just enter, as your Op Duration, how long you intend to maintain this focus, without taking breaks or getting distracted or interrupted. This can be as long or as short a block of time as you like.

If you NEED to take a break, tap the Break button. Your PTM will track the time you're wasting.

Can I stop my Op early?


If you want to be sure to not accumulate any Lost Time, make sure that you do not pause your Op. Just tap the Break Icon on the Icon Bar, and then Stop your Op.

What if I want to keep working after my Op ends?

Tap the Overtime button when your Op ends. Or start a new Op.

You can continue to take breaks if you need to, and end the Op whenever you're ready.

There's a bunch of other icons. Do I need to enter all this stuff?

The only thing you're required to enter before you start an Op is your Op Duration. All other fields are optional. But here is a brief description of some of the things that are available and you can decide if you want to fill in these details.
Operation Objective

This is a step or phase of your project that you're working on right now. As you may be working on this same objective over several days or more, your Op Objective will auto-fill with whatever you were working on last.

These are the specific actions you will be taking during this Op.

For example, if your Operation Objective is Launch my Blog, your Focus for this 1 hour Op may be Setup a hosting account and Install Wordpress.

Try not to accumulate anything in here.

But if you are prone to taking breaks or getting interrupted, you may want to record some detail here so you can see what your biggest distractions are, and maybe when they tend to happen most.

In almost any significant project there will be unexpected hurdles, sometimes major hurdles, to overcome. Record them here so if you go through the process again, there will be one less surprise. Recording this information, and how you overcame the challenge will also be indispensable if you are ever helping or coaching someone else to complete a similar project.

This field is inactive until you complete your Op (when you reach your Op Duration).

Once your Op completes, you will be given the option to Stop your Op or Add Overtime.

If Overtime is selected, your Op will automatically resume and will continue until you manually stop the Op.
Actions Taken

This is where you can record what you accomplished during this Op. You may also record the actions you intend to take next time. Enter as much or as little detail as you wish.

Actions Taken is also a good place to record details about other influences that you notice have affected your performance.

Do you find yourself more focused and getting more done in the early mornings as opposed to late at night?
Are you almost guaranteed to be interrupted at least once whenever you work mid-afternoon?
Is that one extra drink while working late at night making you more or less creative?

You can record your thoughts on questions like these, and you can see how your personal habits are affecting your performance by reviewing your Op times and your...
Op Score

How'd you do this Op? What score or grade would you give yourself for your performance this block?

Were you focused?
Did you take breaks?
Did you complete all you intended to?

You can use any 3 digits to score your performance. However...

If you use A+ through F
(A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+ C, C-, D+, D, D-, F)


0 through 999
(typically 1 through 10, or 0 through 100)

your PTM will automatically calculate your Average Project Score and will display it on the Completed Ops screen.

Averages are only calculated if you use EITHER letter or number scores. If you use a mix of letters and numbers, or use letters outside the letter-score range, your average will not be automatically calculated.

You may manually modify your displayed Project Score Average at any time, but once modified, your PTM will no longer calculate an average.

What kind of projects can Project Time Machines help me complete?

* Looking to launch a blog?
* Working on a term paper?
* Trying to lose 20 lbs. before the summer?
* Learning to play the drums?
* Want to report to your client on your progress writing their new ad campaign?

Any project where you must put in consistent effort to see results, you can monitor your progress, improve your performance and reach your goals faster with Project Time Machines.

I'm already using a timer system like the Pomodoro Technique. Why should I use Project Time Machines?

Because of it's total flexibility, Project Time Machines is 100% compatible with any time measuring system you wish to use.

If you're using Pomodoro (work 25 minutes, take a 5 min break, work another 25 min...),

Simply set your Op Duration for 25 minutes, take your break when the Op completes, and then set another 25 minute Op. Do this as often as you like. But unlike with a basic timer, Project Time Machines will give you a complete record of every step you've taken during each block of time, along with a total summary of how long you've spent, how well you performed and what you should work on next - all with almost zero additional effort on your part.

And if you use a project management methodology such as Scrum or Agile, then Project Time Machines is the perfect companion system to keep track of your 3 Key Questions:
1. What did you work on last?
2. What will you work on next?
3. What impediments are getting in your way?

What else can this app do?

Well, as of this current version, it does a lot.

Hopefully, you'll come to rely on it as your daily coach...
* Showing you what you need to do now
* Reminding you what you need to do next
* Making sure you put in some time every day
* Or keeping an eye out for when you're taking too much time off
* Standing over your shoulder to keep you from too many breaks or interruptions
* Letting you know when you're performing great... or when you're working sub-par
* Telling you WHY you might be performing the way you are
* And it will look you in the eye every day and will remind you what your ultimate goal is, and just how close you are to getting there.

But this is just the beginning. We have a long list of features on the way, that will continue to help you plan and execute your project like no other system you've ever used before.

Just keep an eye on the Info Icon at the top of the screen and we'll let you know when we have exciting info to share with you!

What if I have questions, or suggestions or what if I need technical support?

Please visit us at (website coming soon).
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    Without critiquing the whole FAQ or sales page I would suggest you need to convey in the first 10 words how PTM will change someone's life.

    PTM gets projects done faster.

    Stop wasting time try PTM Now.

    If you've been looking for the best solution to save time on projects and you've considered pomoodoro or Scrum then STOP NOW and test PTM

    In under 10 minutes your last and NEXT job will lock into place making your schedule a walk in the park.

    Try PTM Now and recover your sanity.

    Best regards,


    (ready to be torn apart)
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    The best productivity system for procrastinators is to work with your natural tendencies.

    This is a headline for an article about the Pomodoro tehcnique found at Quartz.

    Yours is:

    What is Project Time Machines, and why are there more than one?
    Project Time Machines is an app designed to help you get your projects done

    I don't use apps, but if I did and went to an App Store, I wouldn't need to be told the thing in front of me was an app, would I?

    What are projects? Who does them?

    Who uses time management and productivity tools, and how many use software or apps?

    I don't know, but I do know a lot of people PROCRASTINATE, so my point Rob is, you need to do as Oziboomer suggested and focus in on your headline, the first and most important impact. Before they will read all that text, you have to capture their attention.

    And just as a thought generator, and I'm not the target market, but...I think "projects" are more of a business idea, a 9 to 5 thing...which made companies like Day Planner successful...

    but isn't a project a part of something bigger? A life perhaps?

    See, in the Quartz article headline there was emotional impact, an appeal because all of us have some guilt over not getting something done, call it a project, a chore, a mission, whatever.

    So, my copy advice is to work on your opening, get to "better life" through productivity,

    Getting projects done leads to ______________________? And somewhere on the other side of the bridge is your answer.

    If writing copy was easy, everyone would do it and call themselves a copywriter, eh?


    PS. What was I thinking, I'm at the WF, of course, anyone can write copy, in fact, here, everyone does. There are over 26 thousand copywriters available at freelancer type sites, so it must be easy, right?
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    Thank you guys, so much!

    I guess I've been focused on product creation for so long, I forgot everything I ever learned about how to sell.

    Can you tell me if any of these headlines has potential and would make a good starting point?


    Improve Every Day

    The timer that holds you accountable

    Work like you're supposed to

    You were made to work. Work right.

    Work Better (this one taken?)

    The coach you've always wanted

    Make time count

    You'll work better when you find what works for you.

    Discover your most productive you.

    Count every minute and make every minute count.

    Work focused

    You work better when you're focused.

    What you measure, you can improve (I think this is Jay Abraham's)

    The timer that won't let you quit

    Make progress every day

    Progress Everyday

    Know you better / Get to know you better

    Watch you go

    Finish faster

    Work the way you want to

    Stop wasting time

    Wasting time stops here

    It's your time

    You can do better. Project Time Machines can help.

    Watch what you're doing

    Time to reach your goals (little play on the word Time there)

    Watch yourself - you'll do better when you watch what you're doing

    Project Time Machines - How to work smarter

    Work less. Do more.

    Procrastination Kills Progress. Here's How to Kill Procrastination.

    Who's helping you? Let Project Time Machines be your coach and partner.

    Why go it alone? Let your PTM keep you motivated and keep you moving forward.

    How do you stop procrastinating? Make work easier! Here's How...

    Working hard, but not making enough progress? Project Time Machines can help you fix that!

    Stop Procrastination Now! Or Procrastination will stop you from reaching your goals! Project Time Machines can help.
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    I feel like I may be missing the mark.

    None of what I came up with seems to fill in the blank:
    So, my copy advice is to work on your opening, get to "better life" through productivity,

    Getting projects done leads to ______________________? And somewhere on the other side of the bridge is your answer.
    The word that goes in the blank is "freedom", I believe, and all of my headline ideas still seem to focus on the productivity part and not the "better life."
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    Yup, first line I tuned out.

    You're coming in at the wrong level of awareness (google the term) for the audience. They don't know what the "solution" is yet. Define the problem first. THEN go for the solution.
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      Originally Posted by Jason Kanigan View Post

      Yup, first line I tuned out.

      You're coming in at the wrong level of awareness (google the term) for the audience. They don't know what the "solution" is yet. Define the problem first. THEN go for the solution.
      Level of awareness. You've given us (over the last month) your plans, to give a free version, get some testimonials then roll out the subscription deal, sort of like Pomotodo does, which may be one of your big competitors.

      Your audience. Your target. What is their PROBLEM...may be procrastination, or like our new friend in the beginner's area with a mind full of ideas he can't bring to market.

      When you first developed your 3x5 card system to get yourself organized, what was your intent? What PROBLEM did you have which motivated you to get a system of "time management"?

      We copywriters love stories, so what is yours?

      Before PTM I was ______

      AFTER PTM I AM Now ________

      So how does setting goals and completing them fit into the big picture? Sort of like the guy in the mind warriors who wants to be the COMPLETE PACKAGE (as he has identified it to himself).

      A successful life. Many successful businessmen have failed relationships, poor health and other problems.

      What does your future user WANT? What is his success?

      What is a fulfilled life look like?


      Use Project Time Machines to finally fulfill your full potential.

      See the emotional difference?

      How many of us "feel" we have more in us? More to give? More to get done?

      PTM allows us to solve our problems in the direction of our goals. Right?

      The problem, the appeal is unfulfilled potential, however you twist and turn it, it is the basis of all time management methods, the idea we can all somehow unlock our potential and reach our goals.

      Without the idea of being ABLE to reach our goals, they become pretty meaningless, we set goals with the idea we CAN get to them. HOW?

      TOOLS like PTM give us the PROOF we are doing what we need to do to reach our goals.

      So, dig deeper into the existing PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS to the underlying reasons why people need them.

      We like the easier path, we want to avoid pain, seek pleasure...getting organized, keeping detailed time management records is painful...procrastinating is a pleasure.

      But the pain of KNOWING one can do more, have more, be more, might be one area you tickle with your approach.

      You have a

      Painless way to productivity.
      An Artificial Intelligent way to achieve your goals automatically. Eh?

      An Easy Push Button Method to Get and Stay Organized Forever.

      All kinds of things of an emotional nature wrapped up in your SOLUTION, but like Jason said above, hit them where they are AWARE...

      the reason they went to the app store
      the reason they looked for productivity and time management systems
      the appeal of timers, set it and forget it easy reminders.

      And to go full circle here, what was on your mind when you first set about developing the card system to manage your time? What was happening? What was the sticking point?

      Once you have your TARGET caught for a brief moment, then tell him your story which will resonate with his own feelings of unfulfilled potential.

      Hope this helps.

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    I'm going to take this a step at a time. Starting with, What is their problem? (or, "Before PTM, I was ________)

    1. I admit it... I have the attention span of a flea. If I try to sit at my desk and work on one thing for more than 15 minutes at a clip, I start going a little stir-crazy.

    I need to be switching things up as often as possible, but still manage to get things done.

    2. I've been known to sit at my desk for 6, 8, even 12+ hours at a time, supposedly "working". But when I look back at what I got done for the day, most days I would have to say I accomplished far less than I know could or should have.

    And I know exactly why. It's because I check my forums, and I check my shopping sites (looking for price drops), I read my Twitter, and I wander from there to reading a few articles, and then I'm off to get a snack, and I'm taking bathroom breaks, and I'm on the phone, and I'm texting, and I'm reading emails, and, and...

    I need something that will make me work more focused and cut way down on my distractions.

    3. My wife says I smoke too much weed and that's why it's taking so long for me to get anything done.

    I say bullshit. I'm way more creative and work better when I'm high.


    And I'll tell you another thing. I am just as productive on 4 hours sleep as most people who get 8.


    Right? I'm sure I'm right!

    (Maybe I should quit weed for a couple weeks, get some sleep, and see how my work compares. If only there was some way I could monitor my performance...)

    4. I have another terrible habit. I'll be working on my project, making good progress, then the weekend comes around and I take a couple days off.

    Then Monday is a busy day at work, and by the time I get home, I don't feel much like working on my project. Then Tuesday I meet a buddy after work and get home way too late to do anything. And Wed, I just forget...

    And then 2 1/2 months later, I say "Holy crap, it's been about 2 1/2 months and I've done jack shit on my project."

    But of course the longer the break, the harder it is to get back into it, because most of the time I don't even remember where I left off, or what I should be working on next.

    More often than not, if I take an extended break, instead of diving back in and seeing my project through, this is where my project dies and I'm off chasing the next shiny new object, looking for my next brilliant idea.

    5. But I am well aware, if I want to succeed with any project I undertake, the most important thing I can do is STICK WITH IT! Even if just a few minutes every day.

    Just 10 or 15 minutes a day doing something, anything on my project would be enough. Because working on my project will keep me thinking about my project, which in turn will keep me working on my project. Good cycle to be stuck in.

    And truth be told, I know that if I get myself to sit down for 10 minutes to do a little work, then chances are good that I will want to keep working far longer than the 10 minutes I originally committed to.

    But what happens?

    Life happens. And for some reason, a lot of days it can be surprisingly difficult to find just 10 minutes to sit down and do something nobody BUT ME is making me do.

    I am terrible at making me do things.

    So I skip a day. Then 2. Then it's 2 1/2 months later.

    I need accountability. I need someone, or something that will remind me when I'm slacking off, and keep reminding me that I'm slacking off, every day, to give me that kick in the ass I so often need to get back to work.

    Bonus points if it could remind me where I left off.

    6. And oh my GOD how I would love to know just how much time I've spent on this project! I know I've spent literally years (5+) on this project since I've started, but I would genuinely love to know how many actual hours I've spent focused and truly working on getting this done.

    Maybe if I was monitoring my hours along the way, I would have reached a point where I discovered that the amount of time I was putting in was so exorbitant that no amount of earnings at the end would justify the effort.

    But I'm sure the reality is, that if I had my total invested hours looking me in the face every day, it would have been clear and telling that I was simply not working enough to get the project done in the time frame I desired. My goal dates, though possible to achieve, were just a fantasy to me at the rate I was working.

    Having this info would have provided another good kick in the ass I could have used early on.

    7. I wish I could keep a journal. I really do. Time and time again, people I've admired, people who have tried teaching me to be more productive, have recommended that I keep a journal.

    I tried. Several times. I could never keep it going longer than a few days.

    I'm just not a journal keeping kinda guy I guess.

    (I guessed wrong. My longest continuous streak of journaling with my PTM is 14 months and counting.)
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    Would you like to try a free app that will help you build discipline and destroy procrastination?

    Hi Warrior,

    You're here at Warrior Forum because you have a dream. You have goals, and maybe even a plan to get there.

    But it's not easy, and you know it.

    Maybe reaching that first milestone is taking you way longer than you thought it would. Or maybe at this point it's looking to be near impossible, even though you see others accomplishing things you truly believe you're just as capable of doing.

    So what's holding you back?
    • Are you too easily distracted?
    • Do you find it difficult to remain focused on a task for any length of time?
    • Do you invest lots of time in your work, but no matter how much effort you put in, you feel you have little to show for it?
    • Do you have bad habits that are getting in the way of your progress?
    • Do you take too much time off from working on your projects? Like taking extended periods of days, or even weeks between getting any work done?
    • When you do take time off, do you have a hard time getting back into the swing of things, because you lack motivation? Or maybe you just can't remember where you last left off?
    • Do you find yourself bouncing from one idea to the next, always starting a new project and not completing the last one?
    • Do you have a hard time just getting started, because you never feel you have enough information - or you've collected so much, you now have information overload?
    • Or maybe you're just plain lazy...

    There ain't no shame in being lazy.

    Most of us are driven by lazy.

    Ask 10 Warriors here what their ultimate dream is, and I bet you no less than 9 of them will tell you their most vivid fantasy life is some variation of them lounging on some distant shore, feet up, frosty beverage in one hand, laptop in the other, making buckets of cash while snoozing away the afternoon.

    Lazy is at the core of some of our deepest desires.

    But if you want to earn those dreams, you need to stop procrastinating and beat lazy into submission. At least until later.

    And the #1 way to obliterate laziness and procrastination is to build discipline.

    "Find your discipline -- and you will find your freedom."

    Jocko Willink
    - Navy Seal Commander and co-founder of Echelon Front,
    a multi-million dollar leadership and management consulting company

    But how do you build discipline, if you're not one of the fortunate few who just seemed to be lucky enough to be born with it?

    How do you develop the will to do something, where the exact problem you have is that you lack the will to make yourself do something?

    You build discipline like you build any other skill you want to develop... you practice, even if just a little bit, every day.

    And Project Time Machines can help you do this!

    Because Project Time Machines will do for you all the things you have a hard time doing on your own.

    Your PTM will:
    • Make it easier for you to find those small portions of your day where you can spend a little time making big progress.
    • It will keep you focused at the task at hand, and will prevent you from becoming distracted.
    • When you do become distracted or interrupted, it will track exactly how much time you're wasting, and what you're wasting it on.
    • It will remind you every day what your ultimate goal is, and when you should reach it.
    • It will show you the progress you're making every day, encouraging you to keep going!
    • It will tell you how you've performed on any given day - and what your grade is for your progress overall.
    • It will help you identify habits or life choices that are affecting your performance, either positively or negatively.
    • It will keep a detailed record of every action you've taken and how long each step took, to keep as a journal of your experiences, or as a blueprint for future projects.
    • It will record the biggest challenges you've encountered, to help you avoid them in the future.
    • It will tell you how much time you've spent on this project overall, helping you to decide if your efforts are truly worth it, or if you're simply not doing enough to reach your goals.
    • And it will hold you accountable, and kick you in the backside when you're just being lazy.

    Yet for all PTM can do for you, Project Time Machines is as easy to use as a kitchen timer.

    No big setup, no daily habits or needing to maintain the system.

    Just turn it on when you're ready to get to work, and turn it off when you're done.

    It's free, and you can start using it to help you improve your progress right now.

    Download from the Google Play Store today!
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      Originally Posted by perryny View Post

      Would you like to try a free app that will help you build discipline and destroy procrastination?
      say that in your best squeeky mouse voice.. and that is literally what I heard in my head reading it

      DESTROY PROCRASTINATION - The X App Will put you on the path of better time management and Greater Success - Click to start you free trial now.

      Not a polished and refined line of text.. but probably more telling of the product you are trying to convert.

      Your product is a "Time Management" app no? Then YOUR headline has to be JUST THAT
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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  • Nail evry second. Free up your time. Go live your life.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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  • Profile picture of the author Dave Allen
    Hey Perry. You're a War Room member.

    When Allen started that sub forum, he posted a thread... something about How to Add More Selling Power.

    See if you can find it.

    It had excellent information about how to distill your core concept down to the very basics.

    Hope that helps.
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  • Profile picture of the author perryny

    I'm not happy with it. I'm kinda embarrassed by it. But here's what I've got posted on the Play Store right now...


    The Productivity Timer that will help you End Procrastination and Get More Done!

    This simple Project Timer will help you become more productive, by showing you how, when and why you are working at your very best - and when you're not.

    With a simple push of a button, you will:

    * Be more focused
    * Eliminate distractions and interruptions while you work
    * Be reminded of your goals more frequently, so you can stay laser focused on reaching them
    * Keep better track of your actions and your time spent, to use as a journal to help you improve, or as a blueprint for future projects
    * Monitor your performance and identify habits or other choices you're making that are slowing you down
    * Record your biggest challenges, and how you overcame them
    * See the results of your daily efforts and stay motivated
    * Know when your efforts simply aren't paying off and it's time to change strategies
    * Or see with complete clarity when the reason for your struggles is that you're simply not working enough.

    If you have a project to manage or complete, Project Time Machines can help you get it done.

    Yet, for all your PTM can do for you, it's as easy to use as a kitchen timer.

    It's as simple as:
    1. Tell it what you're going to work on right now.
    2. Tell it how long you will work, starting now, with no breaks or interruptions.
    3. Start working.

    Your PTM will monitor your every action and will show you at-a-glance, anytime you like, the most important aspects of your progress and performance.

    There are no complicated setups to complete, no new habits you'll need to develop to keep the system working, no waiting weeks or months to see results.

    And because of it's tremendous flexibility, it works great great with Pomodoro, Scrum or any project or time management system you may be already be using.

    Start seeing improvement right now.

    Download Project Time Machines for Free!
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    To go along with the Play Store copy, I have an opportunity (and obligation) to post some screenshots with my app listing.

    These screenshots will probably get lots more eyeballs than the copy I've written, so perhaps you can help me make these following words the best they can be?

    Below are sketches I've made, which I will post to 99designs where I will have a graphic designer take the copy and screenshots I provide and make them beautiful and as easy to understand as possible.

    Their instructions will be to use all copy exactly as provided.

    Can you help me improve the copy on the following screens, to where it best shows how the app can benefit the user - and compel them to hit the "Install" button?

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    Never thought I'd be saying this, but I miss Mal.
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