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Are you new to content writing and don't know how to make your work effective?
I suggest a sharp technique which I personally follow. i.e. AIDA.

Like the four pillars of good marketing, AIDA stands for:
  • Attraction
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

Here is the simple protocol to follow AIDA.
Divide the total number of words by 4 and specify each section for Attraction, Interest, Desire, and Action respectively. For example, If I have to write a 1000 word article for a product, in the first 250-word paragraph, I will just focus on to get the attention of my reader either by making an awkward question or by setting up a situation that can deeply engage the reader.

In the next 250-words, you just have to continue building the interest of your reader either by listing the advantages of purchasing the product or disadvantages of not buying it.

For the next section, you have to hit the weak point of your client building his desire to purchase the product.

Finally, call him to the action in the most polite way. For example, You can say, "Feel free to have a free consultation". You can also make a punching line by giving your customer a tip related to the product.

Following this technique, you will not only save your time but create content that will be worthy enough to get you positive responses.
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    There was this other technique. Can't seem to remember it IDSR something... It started with an I though

    Anyways. This is what I follow too. AIDA but is it necessary to divide into 4 equal paras?
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      There are many techniques which different writers follow for different types of writings, I shared what I like to follow as it is simple and time-saving.

      You asked about the division, well, it is not always necessary to divide into only 4 paragraphs. You can divide into more or less than 4 paragraphs depending upon the nature of the article and word limit. The Main thing is the sequence to follow throughout the writing, attraction, interest, desire, and action in an integrated manner.

      You know it takes only less than 8 seconds for a reader to decide whether to stay on this page or not. It is all about how you push a customer to read and purchase.
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    Haven't heard of this type of "format" for writing content before (I'm typically looking for writers, not writing)! I wasn't sure what I was expecting when I clicked this thread... But as someone who buys (or tries to find/buy) good content for many clients, this looks like a solid, even if a bit "generic," format to follow. I would feel confident paying for and using content like this for my clients and personal projects. Great post and thank you for the info!
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      It is all about the experience when you start providing writing services to your esteemed clients. We may learn an already existing technique or can create some new skill from our practice.
      Thank you for your polite response. I can share some more skills easy to learn if you want me to do so
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    Thanks for breaking it down. AIDA makes it easier for the new writers out there and how to intrigue their audience.
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    Yes, I agree this is a great technique for writers to start with when writing content for the web whether it be for content found on the home page describing a product or service or on an email being sent to potential interested customers.
    Most often new writers will not know where to start because they've never done something like this before. They may be more familiar with writing an essay to describe their argument in an academic setting but when writing for business, this is a great way to start!
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    Yeaa.. The AIDA Formula is really powerful, it makes content writing easier.
    A great content strategy is one of the most effective initiatives your business can do to help it grow.
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    Hi all, Kindly share your techniques which you personally follow in your writings. This can make a handsome load of information for new writers.
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    Thank you, I just joined forum and have read almost all your threads.
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    AIDA is a great technique for copywriters, but I don't see the need to devide each section equally.

    Some products may have more details to them, and therefore require more text into interest and desire.

    The attention part and the call to action shouldn't be that long. In fact, being shorter may make them more effective.

    Imagine 250 words of someone trying to make you click a button. Yikes!

    Click now! x 125
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