Part-Time Researcher & Content Writer ($150 Per Week)

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What I Offer:
* Weekly Payments via Paypal or Bankwire.
* Freedom To Work From Home
* Up To 15 Dollars Per Article
* Earn Minimum $105 Dollars Per Week - Up To $150

Applicants Should Be:
* Native English Speaker
* Hold a College Degree or Attending College
* Able to Research From Multiple Sources (Including OFFLINE)
* Focused and SERIOUS About Writing
* Literate in MS Word and/or Wordpress

What I Require:
* Experience In Writing Online or Offline Copy
* Two Samples Of Content Written Previously
* The Ability To Provide SEVEN (7) Unique Articles Per Week Minimum (if you cannot do 7 per week, but provide high quality work you will still be considered)

The right person will be able to set aside a few hours per week to general research and news followup in the niche assigned.

This niche is in the general category of smoking. (applicants will get more detailed niche keyword information)

A Word Of Warning:
* ALL Articles will be run through Copyscape premium, and proof read by myself.
* Copyscape premium does not check articles the same way the free version does, if your content is a rewrite, spin, or an excellent rewrite of an existing article you will be fired.
* Content with spelling or grammatical errors will be rejected, and you will be fired.

After a relationship is established, and I reach a comfort level with your writing, I will issue you a login to publish content directly.

I will pay 8 dollars for a sample article from those who apply and meet my qualifications. If I select you as a content writer you can opt to deliver your well researched, copyscape passed, 100% unique content to me via email on a weekly or daily basis.

Images In Content:
* All articles should have image depictions of some style to assist in explaining the article.

If you are interested in taking this job please reply to this thread with the following;

Native Language:
College Status: (Graduated With? / Attending With Major In...)
List 3 Websites You Frequent:
Years Of Writing Experience:
Your Perceived Writing Quality: 1-10 (10 being top quality)
Why Is This Part-Time Job GREAT For You?
Experienced In MS Word: YES/NO
How Many Articles Per Week Can You Provide:
Attached Samples (TWO MAXIMUM) Of Previous Writing

Personal answers are encouraged, canned or "salesy" applications will be ignored. Please do not fill up my PM Box. Those who apply in the public forum will be contacted via PM based on qualifications. If you PM Spam me I am not going to hire you.

**If you are not comfortable posting your writing samples or experience here in this thread then reply and at the bare minimum answer the questionnaire above. However I encourage you to share as much in public as possible because if I do not hire you, someone else may see your qualifications, and be interested.
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