Which Sales Page is Better?

by helper
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Please copywriters, I need your honest review of this sales pages that sell the same product.

This is the first page
This is the second page

I want to make both pages the same. Which of the pages should I go for.
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    I can't get past the first few paragraphs.

    There's so much bold type everywhere.

    Plus different fonts, on the same page.

    It all looks messy.

    You can test the two with google optimizer to see how they do but, like I said, I didn't even want to keep reading.
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    Originally Posted by Ken_Caudill View Post

    Which one sells the most?
    The second page sells the most. But where I need your review most, is the video on the first page.
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    I agree, the second one is better. Just work on your formatting (that seems to be the most common issue among sales letters, that goes for me as well!) and you will have a decent page here. Good luck!

    Work hard, live a happy life, cherish your family and friends. Be thankful for every day.

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    The text in the blue video is EXTREMELY hard to read.

    I have no idea why you've put up a buy button before the optin box. That's affecting your leads/sales. For sure.

    Without even building up the value OR telling them what your product is about, you're asking them for the order.

    Make all your headlines Tahoma font, bold and red. (H1 tag). Whatever font you're using right now is hard to read.

    I've not read your sales letter but it "looks" good (Actually, I've not read a single word but the sequence and everything is good!)

    What's the goal on your page? Do you want to build your list? Do you want people to buy your product?

    I recommend that you focus on them taking ONE action.

    Get the optin. Or try to get the sale. ONLY.

    Don't try to do both.

    At the end of the day, TEST.
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    sorry.... i know you're trying to get feedback and improve your site, but honestly, these threads are such a waste...

    To hell with a review... or peoples opinions... they don't mean JACK in direct marketing...

    how about you make like a marketer... and run a split test. (crazy idea!)

    take all the ideas.

    make new pages.

    run them in GWO (google website optimizer)

    Send traffic and let the MONEY in your pocket tell you which page is better. :-)

    'Nuff said.

    “Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.”
    ― Dalai Lama XIV

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    Second page is better because in the first page pops advertisement which is very annoying.
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    You headline does not tell me why your product is any different than the thousand other "facebook will save you" products out there, so I would not even read beyond that if I where a customer.

    "I Experimented One Of These Techniques Too On Facebook And In Just Few Days, I Made Some Cool Cash Without Spending A Dime On Advertising... "

    What language is this in? This is a major heading and should have no spelling/grammar issues.

    Keep at it and you will get the formula. Just see what sells. Make small changes and record the results.
    I have no agenda but to help those in the same situation. This I feel will pay the bills.
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    I prefer the 2nd one also, I will also co-sign that the 1st page pop up ads are a little annoying
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    Why waste such valuable space (the stuff above the fold) with that all that garble that really tells me nothing and leaves me with that feeling that I better start typing one handed because I'll need my other one to safe-guard my wallet.

    Where is the traffic coming from... If it's coming from "People who want to make money on facebook" then it could be okay but, frankly that headline does NOTHING.

    Getting my share of facebook cash does NOT keep me up at night..

    That opening is... well it basically $ucks.

    There's no promise, no nothing that makes me want to read further...

    There's so much going on graphics wise on your page... Why?

    sorry if it sounds harsh but it's been my experience that beating around the bush doesn't do you or me any good.

    Really good effort though. It's awesome that your taking action.
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