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I'm a newbie trying to break into B2B copywriting and am working on building a small portfolio so I can move on to paid work.

I'm am, however, a little lost right now and feel like I'm working in a cave by myself. I have no idea if I'm on the right track!

So I would greatly appreciate some feedback on a sample mini-B2B sales letter campaign of mine.

Please e-mail at anouri45 (at) gmail . com so I can send you my letter.

I would really appreciate the help.
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    You aren't going to get much help if people have to email you. Create a signature file and put a link to your letter in there. Either that or post a text link the way you did your email addy.
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    I agree @ travlinguy. I don't want to spend my time emailing you. You have to make this easier for forum members, and your future clients will need you to think this way, too.
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