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    I'd say it depends on a lot of variables. How much time and effort go into producing one? What are your costs? Who is the market for this? There are free programs out there where people can make cartoon generated videos. They choose characters from a lineup (sorta) and provide the dialog.

    Not as clean as yours but decent and functional. I watched one a couple of weeks ago that was humorous and pretty well done. Personally, I think your price is pretty high. I don't know how cost effective it will be for marketers to drop almost $500 on a single video when most will need lots of them. Just my thoughts. Good luck.
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    Thanks for your inputs! I am going to launch this tomorrow

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    I agree with travlinguy, especially when it comes to the price. That is on the high side because most will want more then one. Although its is a very well done video and the quality is excellent. Good luck tomorrow.
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