Web 2.0: Effectively Getting Your Sales Message Across

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Minisites have been my #1 method of marketing products and services over the years. Recently, though, I've decided to take one of my professional services and build a professional (web 2.0) website to better fit what I offer.

Being an avid user of minisites, I've never used anything other than a nice, long and compelling sales letter to get my message across in order to turn prospects into buyers.

I'm guessing a long sales letter won't do this time around, what with the new design styles & layout. After searching other professional websites, I really didn't find any of the "salesy" type stuff I'd find at a minisite. They all just get to the point and tell the prospective buyer who they are, what they do and what they offer. Obviously it works, but I don't want my well-written sales letter (that converts at 2-3%) to go to waste.

What are some ways of blending the two (short and to-the-point web copy + sales letter)? I'd like to hear your thoughts.
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    Web 2.0 sites are known for the bold colors and flashy look. A hard punch line with good color combination can send the message across in a web 2.0 site.
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      Split-test your landing pages with a different response device on each. Let your response rate tell you which format your prospects prefer.

      Use the one that works for you.
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