The Best Video Sales Letter Ever?

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Like everyone in this forum (I'm assuming), I watch and read a lot of sales pitches. I recently saw one that I think is pretty awesome, thought I'd share and see what you think.

I saw a random commercial that sent you a site (Stansberry's Investment Advisory)

I saw the ad in the evening, I think I was going out or something. Anyway, the next day at work I went to the website. (yeah, the commercial was pretty powerful).

Then I proceeded to READ a 30 something minute video sales letter because I was at work.

Later that night at home, I listened to the exact same VSL.

I have very little interest in what is being sold, but I'm on the verge of ordering, seriously...

I have no idea who wrote the copy, I have nothing to do with this company, but I think it's an amazing VSL.
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    Effective use of FEAR. Specifically, fear of the future.

    It's the bread and butter of selling in the financial advice market.

    Picking a straw man is another popular tactic used in the niche.

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      Never heard the term picking a straw man. What's it mean?
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        Originally Posted by MontelloMarketing View Post

        Never heard the term picking a straw man. What's it mean?
        You select an argument or position that your opponent holds...

        Misrepresent it by distorting it, or taking quotes out of context, or oversimplifying it, etc.

        Then you attack the misrepresentation, and conclude your opponent's wrong.

        It's a nasty little logical fallacy that you can see demonstrated by politicians worldwide.

        Andrew Gould

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          It's an extremely successful promo that every copywriter should study.

          The writer is Mike Palmer, a relatively unknown copywriter outside of Stansberry/Agora and the "elite" copywriting world.

          If you check out AWAI's profile of him, it shows the previous super-successful front end he wrote - 79,000 subscribers and 5.2 million dollars.

          without going into the figures, I can tell you this: that "End of America" promo is around 4x as successful in every way.

          Consider that and you'll understand why it's a good letter to print out and dissect.


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            Thanks for letting me know who wrote it. I've been reading a ton of sales letters lately, and I haven't found anything close to this yet.

            I mean, I literally have zero interest in what he's selling. Know exactly what he's trying to do... and I read the whole thing, then listened to the whole thing, and am 100% sure I would have bought if it wasn't for "what I know."

            As a comparison, I signed up for stuff Dan Kennedy was recently pitching. I AM interested in what he's selling, and he didn't even come close to getting me to hit the buy button.

            There's still like a 30% I'm subscribing...

            Nothing to see here

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    There was a warrior who posted the URL for the entire PDF I think here in the copywriting section (can't remember who it was) but I have attached the sales copy below for those that want to read through it and take it apart
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      Very interesting. I really can't imagine this working in the UK. We are very cynical though.
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      Originally Posted by Justin Mandel View Post

      There was a warrior who posted the URL for the entire PDF I think here in the copywriting section (can't remember who it was) but I have attached the sales copy below for those that want to read through it and take it apart
      That pdf is only the first page.

      It's fine though - just go to the link, let the video start, then try to close the window and then "Stay On Page" when prompted. You will see the HTMl for the copy, which you can paste into word.


      Also, if you go through their website, you'll see a banner ad for it. You'll also notice they're testing it and have added a "President's Speech" segment with an Obama voice actor. Pretty interesting.
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        LOL - 41 pages 13,000 words. Now time to get to studying...

        Nothing to see here

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    I would say..

    If you know your subject very well you can fly reallyyyy high... and make a lot of $.

    Now, I know it's "just" VSL but what he is telling us is just as real as your pancake!

    I lived in UK few years (in London). There was time I was a waiter in small restaurant located in one of the richest London'd towns. And so I was able to talk to many people.

    One of them was a private investor looking for ways to cash in on our current world's crisis.

    The funniest thing is.. he told me the exactly same thing you can get from this VSL... (and this conversation had place 3 years ago...)

    He said...

    "British middle class is going to get hit very soon...and very hard. You won't see those smiling faces anymore..."

    We have been talking about internet marketing and stuff because he was very interested in this kind of opportunity. But at the end of the day he knew that if you want to make good cash these days...

    you have to go for basic instincts...


    BTW, he was in the middle of starting new project... Short Term Loans...

    ...for Middle class British citizens

    That's desperate market.

    P.S I have some "normal" working friends in UK and they all reporting the same thing... it's getting tight...
    Do what you want to do!
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    Yeah, it's brilliant.

    One of the best video sales letters of this decade.

    Everyone has seen this.
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    I watched a Rich Schreffren video backalnong. He consults
    with Agora.

    The End of America VSL brought in 600,000 new subscribers.
    That's $30 million on the front end. Each new subscriber is worth
    $500 on the back end, So the VSL will bring in $300 million.

    Get a FREE 20 minute consultation on your sales letter. Contact me today
    And have the secrets A-List Copywriters - David Garfinkel & Parris Lampropoulos
    use in their multimillion dollar promotions

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    ya... my buddy works for agora... said that video destroyed.

    watched the whole thing which is rare for me these days... man.. THAT is some f'n awesome copy.

    financial stuff is pretty easy to sell... you always have new reports coming out all the time and can use that as instant urgency to get in before the numbers come out... harder to do with other markets...

    we did this all the time working as an investment broker. (aka boiler rooms)

    fear + urgency

    works well.

    “Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.”
    ― Dalai Lama XIV

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    • Michael Masterson breaks down some of the thinking behind the writing of The End of America letter here:
      Marketers – Beware of the Advice You Are Getting Today
      Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
      - Jack Trout
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        Damn. I actually listened to the entire thing (I am a perpetual multi-tasker). Like the OP, I was sorely tempted to buy. Thanks for the share, I'm definitely reading up on this copywriter and this company's offerings.

        Aspiring copywriters: if you need 1:1 advice from an experienced copy chief, head over to my Phone a Friend page.

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    I know I'm not my customer... BUT...

    Is anyone else bothered having to follow the flow of the video as opposed to reading the material at my own pace?

    They were smart to have a regular sales page included after leaving the video.
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