How do they write sales page?

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Hey guys I always wonder how does people write such a long sales page or how sites like WealthyAffiliate write there sales page?
So they hire anyone?
I myself cannot write such big pages, so anyone can help me out?
Where can I get those writers?
And I think sales page like WA is perfect, its not too long and not too short, so I will be making something like that.
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    Writing sales pages or copywriting is a skill. I don't know if the people you mention hire writers - perhaps they do. The point is that whoever writes such sales pages has (or should have) copywriting skills.

    You may be able to find affordable copywriters in places such as Elance, Rent-A-coder, Scriptlance, etc.

    As far as how long the sales page should be... well, that depends on your audience and product. At any rate, it is something that should be tested. For example; short copy vs. long copy; short vs medium; medium vs. long.

    If you insist on doing your own copywriting, then pick up a good book on the topic. Just go to Amazon dot com and search for "copywriting books".

    Hope this helps.

    - Jay
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    Mark Hendricks gives away a great resource for this. It's a template that coaches you through 17 steps for a good sales letter.

    He gives it away at: Mark Hendricks - Salesletter Template

    I'm not an affiliate - just a fan.

    "We can't let fear hold us back. Everything we really want is just on the other side of fear."
    ~Farrah Gray (self-made millionaire at 14)

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    When you want big pages, hiring the best people that is suitable for the job is one big factor. Since, you say that you can't somehow make it that big. Some individuals are really gifted with good writing skills and abundant vocabulary. But nevertheless, it always boils down to constant practice, if you really want to make it that big, you can start practicing by writing everyday, that wont be too hard i think.

    hope this will help.

    Good luck! = )
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    Copywriting is probably one of the most important skills you can learn (apart from traffic generation methods I think).

    No matter where you're selling something - offline or online - you are a essentially a marketer and a salespage is the most important tool in your arsenal.

    Writing long copy is easy, once you start getting a hold of it. I've myself made a commitment to hone my copywriting skills this year and I've had a good beginning.

    As far as how they write such long salesletters, that's simply a matter of understanding how long it would take to persuade the reader to buy. Both long and short sales copy work and there are lot of factors that come into play BUT it all comes down to what gets results for YOU. If it's long copy, you go that route. If it's short copy, you go that route :-)

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    The easy way out is go to a freelancer site and hire someone who is specialize in sales copy to do one for you, just my 2 cents
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    Hi there,

    If you want learn how to write copy this is the first place to start:

    Avoiding Plagiarism - The OWL at Purdue

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    Copywriting can be done in a systematic, formula-based way.

    Some books break a sales page down into 17 distinct sections,
    or something. When I write copy I don't count the sections
    but instead create a flow from a basic premise:

    For an affiliate marketing instruction site it would be:

    "Would Ya Like To Make Some Money?"

    Literally. I'm not saying that is the headline but that's
    the premise to get a person thinking "yes, I would" -
    and then reading more.

    If you are launching a serious product with a big market
    good copy is essential and a worthwhile investment.

    It will cost you more than you think it should to get effective
    sales copy written. You get what you pay for. I'll say no more.
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    Hi Rohit,

    Anyone including yourself can write a sales page that is long.
    If you know you want to make money, then you will be ready to go into action.

    Skills are what people acquire and it becomes simpler and simpler when you do it as an art and act.

    Most people have this sales writing phobia and the I can't do it attitude.
    In life, there is no height, no position you cannot attain, except based on the limitation you place on yourself.

    You must therefore be ready to learn the art of copy writing and convincing people to buy a product from you as a sales person.

    I would not prefer that you higher someone, rather learn and know how they do it so you can also be like them...

    I for one, I create my products, design my e-cover and design my site, write my sales letter alone without outsourcing it. You can do the same thing...

    Good luck
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    Visit the sites from some of the gurus in your niche. If you visit the top 20 sites in Clickbank's Marketing & Ads category, and then look usually in the lower right corner of the page somewhere--you will often find the name of the web designer... who in some cases may have written the ad copy as well. If you do that and poke around a bit you will find that 3-4 "guru copywriters" write a lot of the ads for the top CB vendors. It ain't cheap though!

    I'll help you create a reputation-building evergreen product in any niche and launch it successfully!
    Check it out here.

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    Who cares how long it is? Anyone can write a long letter...

    ...from 7 year old pen pals across continents through to elderly people writing a will.

    The difference is the substance, and of course whether that substance converts visitors into sales.

    The length of your sales letter is only dependent on how long it takes you to portray:

    The problems,
    The features,
    The benefits...

    ...all strung together with:

    Compelling arguments,
    The call to action

    ...and last but not least, overcoming the objections!

    It's not something "everyone" can do by any means.
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    hire somebody seems like the easiest way, just my 2 cents
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    Writing a good copy takes a lot of dedication, you have to be willing to absorb all copywriting information that comes your way. Read the top books by the top copywriters and then start putting their ideas and lessons into your copy, long sales pages and short sales both have their places, you just have to figure out which one will convince your prospect to take action.

    This type of craft takes a few years to a lifetime to get good at, the benefits and rewards are priceless as well. If you don't have the skills to write a good webcopy, then make sure to hire somone that does. The price you pay is worth the money or returns you see coming back to you.

    Every marketer should learn how to write good webcopy, it will help your business in the long run, devote a certain amount of time daily, read and write some copies and eventually you shall get the hang of it.

    " You can either give a man a fish and feed him for a day OR teach him how to catch a fish and it will feed him for a lifetime"

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    True. Every one should have some basic copywriting skills. This is so because very good copy writers are hard to come by and the good ones charge a fortune.. or sometimes you want something there and then.
    It is also a good practice to be on the e-mail lists of some of the very good copywriters and learn how they write their copies on a daily basis. If you want to take your skills to the next level, then a course on copywriting is a must.

    I think Clayton MakePeace is one of the best copywriters of our time. I believe it is worth it to be on his list. The free tips they share are worth millions of dollars. You can check it them out here: The Total Package
    All the best
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    Originally Posted by Rohit Shah View Post

    Hey guys I always wonder how does I myself cannot write such big pages, so anyone can help me out?

    Yes, you can do it yourself. Buy Dan Kennedys "The ultimate sales letter" book and you will have the best resource available about writing sales letters for few dollars.

    Get Unique Content Rich Website... I Will Build And Promote It For You (WSO)

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    it is definately something that you want to outsource at first, but having said that practise writing sales letters yourself, copywriting is a very handy skill...

    the reason why I say outsource at first, is because if you have had no experience and create a mediocre sales letter - chances are you might not have the skills necessary to get potential customers to buy making you feel disappointed with the results... so practise as much as you can and even post up sales letters you do here on the WF for constructive criticism

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    I really appreciate the efforts all warriors made. After reading TheRealDomainer's post, I now have decided to write my own sales letter.
    I will be having short letter like WA and All you guys have shared great tips to start writing by my own.
    Big thank you to all!
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