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New commercial for Axe:

Axe Gets Stylish, With Help from Kiefer Sutherland, in BBH Ad | Adweek

No, it's not direct response. But I find it interesting, nonetheless. Hope you do too.

- Rick Duris
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    Contrary to the prevailing opinion on this forum, not all copywriting is direct response. Nor does it have to be.

    So good on you.

    What did you find interesting about it?

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      Originally Posted by videolover7 View Post

      Contrary to the prevailing opinion on this forum, not all copywriting is direct response. Nor does it have to be.

      So good on you.

      What did you find interesting about it?


      1. Time-wise, it's 95% storytelling.

      2. EVEN MORE THAN THAT, it's an interesting an example of a story within a story.

      3. The copywriter played on a universal theme in men's lives.

      4. It's targeting men, obviously. But it's also men who go to movies. What's playing at the movies now? Action movies.

      5. Plus overall stories behind the creation of ads are always fascinating to me.

      - Rick Duris

      PS: I wish Kiefer Sutherland would do the voiceover for my copy.
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  • It's interesting how more brands--Geico is a good example--are using multiple approaches for the same product at the same time.
    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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    also, not sure if anyone noticed how Axe was targeted towards men only... and now that they've cemented a spot in the market... are now targeting women with their "Axe for Women" spray.

    this is a perfect example of how specialization will always outsell generalities.

    for example... there used to be sneakers... then running sneakers, which of course runners will migrate to.

    there used to be multi vitamins... and then came vitamins for women, vitamins for men, vitamins for 50+, etc...

    Axe is now targeting both separately, which in my opinion, most products and services will continue this targeting towards specific genders, groups, etc...
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    A good story will get me every time. I like it, especially the transition from the typically "man's man" vibe they've given themselves to the more gut-wrenching girl that got away scenario. It's a subtle change, but one that I enjoy. It's less douchey and more manly.

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    Nice find.

    I've always been a big fan of stories in ads - for stuff that's not direct response it's even more important, since it shapes how your prospects see you when you do try to close a sale. I love the way that ad taps into something so universal but still feels personal - the through-the-eye camera worked really well.
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      That is perhaps one of the best commercials I've ever seen. Great find!
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    Awesome commercial. Indeed a story within a story.
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    It basically falls in line with the usual theme of their ads, which is sex or sexiness. And as we all know, when it comes to men (and often women too), sex sells because it triggers a part of the brain that makes the ad resonate.
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    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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      Originally Posted by Joe Ditzel View Post

      Has any guy in history ever thought, "I wish there were a laundry detergent for ME! Sigh..."

      Not sure if there's a big market for "manly" laundry detergent (whatever that means), but who knows.

      I think Dr. Pepper has the better product geared towards men. Dr. Pepper seems like it's trying to reach the same demographic as Old Spice by using crazy, in-your-face humor. It appears to be working, since Dr. Pepper Ten has been on the shelf for over a year.

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    I LOVE Axe commercials! I think they're taking some notes off of Old Spice successful commercials and making it work for them.

    There commercials are pure psychology :-)

    Great article btw, thanks!
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  • Loved this ad.

    As a brit, we've got Lynx, and as I'm sure most British people here will agree with me, they're crude.

    I remember studying one in Media, back in college, where a guy walks into a supermarket and there's a woman walking around. He looks back a second later after spraying Lynx on himself, and she's standing there looking at him with just leopard-print underwear on.

    It pans back to him, and he's suddenly in a leopard-print thong. It was terrible.

    A lot of women complain about sexism towards them, but that's the first time I've ever thought "damn, do people really think guys are that goddamn stupid and animalistic?"

    That axe ad was the first deodorant ad that actually made me FEEL something. Good choice of music too.

    Thanks for the share Rick; nice to see that not all media advertising is complete bullsh**.

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    Let me preface my commets with - I rarely watch television, and I am not trying to attract women; so I doubt my wife would approve of me taking part in that activity (attracting wormen that is).

    Hmmm. The commercial grabs my attention, and holds it for the duration of the ad...

    ...but I still have no idea what Axe is! The brief image of the Axe product makes me think it is a liquid, perhaps an energy drink. I really can't tell from the ad!

    If I know what Axe is, does the ad give me any reason to purchase Axe?

    We all have a Susan Glenn (or perhaps a Patrick Glenn for the women) in our lives - maybe 2 or 3 or 4 - and can relate to the story.

    Now imagine Axe as a new product being introduced to a market. Would any viewers of that commercial, have a clue as to what Axe does?

    In reading others' posts I realize Axe must be a cologne, thus my initial comment.

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