1 Simple "Mind Hack" for Writing Stronger Copy

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I was doing some copywriting coaching over the weekend and I thought I'd pass this tip on. It's actually sort of a "mind hack."

After a few attempts, the person I was coaching’s copy was still weak. Uncompelling. He was getting discouraged.

This person had a Client who was selling a $67 online info-product.

Here's what I had this person do:

I asked him "What would happen if I told you we were making a small change. The product's no longer $67. It's the same product, but it's now $6700. Would you write the piece any differently?"

He answered "Absolutely. I'd really have to sell hard!"

And I said "Ok, go ahead. Unleash. Give it everything you've got. THAT'S the piece you want to write. Can you do that?"

"You bet!" he replied.

He came back a day later with his first piece totally revamped. Much stronger copy. Far clearer and more compelling. After reading it, I felt as though he could have written indefinitely about how great the product was.

It was a breakthrough for him.

When something has a higher price, we naturally believe the product has more value, higher quality, more benefits. More of everything, actually.

In our mind, we unconsciously make the product bigger, heavier, more necessary to the customer. We attribute more reasons the prospect has to have it.

Try it. Next time you're struggling getting the best out of yourself when it comes time to write copy, just multiply the price by 100 in your head and see what happens.

-Rick Duris

PS: What’s interesting is with this technique while you end up romancing the product more, you don't go down the road of unnecessarily inserting superlatives, hype and “power words.”
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    Great mental tool Rick.

    This works the same when you are selling a
    FREE, give-away item or even a bonus.
    Simply because it's free doesn't mean that
    everyone would grab it. How many free
    things are given away everyday?

    But if you sell your "FREE Report" as if it
    cost $97 and then indicates that it's free
    then you are more likely to get opt-ins
    this way.

    A lot of copywriters also skimp on their
    bonuses, but you have to sell the value
    of the bonuses to really sweeten the deal.

    -Ray Edwards
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    Brilliant Rick!

    Utilizing this perspective WILL help copywriters (of all skill levels) shatter any resistance to diving deeper into the value they're trying to communicate.

    And thus...

    Make more sales.


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      The subtle changes almost always have the greatest effect; the big changes knock too many other things over.

      Well done, Rick.
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    Good perspective.

    Reminds me of the "Gun to the head" advertising that John Carlton and Gary Halbert talk about.
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    Thanks for the kudos!

    Here's how the magic trick is performed:

    Folks who understand NLP understand exactly what's happening in the copywriter's mind.

    By shifting price, you instanteously shift submodalities of the product.

    Not one by one, but all of them at the same time.

    Size is the strongest submodality for me, followed by weight. Meaning this huge info product lands with a thud on my doorstep. A TON of valuable content/information/intelligence to take in.

    To go from struggling to unleashing, almost not being able to contain yourself, feels pretty darn good.

    Try it on your next piece and see what happens.

    - Rick Duris
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    I really like this idea. I wonder if I've been going in with the mindset 'oh well this product only costs $xx, it should sell itself'. Definitely a bad way to sabotage yourself.
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