Anyone want a free sales letter?

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I've been building my copywriting portfolio recently, and I need one more sample. So, if you need some sales copy, it's your lucky day

I will write for just about any niche, but NOT internet marketing or anything related to "make money online".

I'd prefer to do a write/rewrite for someone who's already written their own copy, and preferably for a product which is receiving some traffic and already has some sales. The idea here is to BOOST your sales with better copy.

If you're interested, please PM me with the following:

* Your name and email address
* The website you'd like copy for
* Current traffic levels for the website
* Current sales levels for the website
* Current conversion rates for the website

I'll leave this thread open till next week, then pick someone.

Oh, a bit about me: I've been writing my own letters for years with great success. Recently, I started writing for other people too. My first client doubled his profits thanks to my new letter, and added tens of thousands of dollars to his yearly income. Not bad for a first go!

Edit: I have chosen a project. Thanks to all who got in touch, and I'm sorry I couldn't choose you all! Best of luck with your projects.
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    Hi guys and girls. I've had some PMs already, so thanks very much for those. I will consider all your proposals and let you know in due course.

    If anyone else wants a free sales letter, please do PM me quickly to be considered.

    I guarantee if you're chosen I can improve your conversion rates, or at least raise your price and maintain the same conversion rates. Either way, you'll make more money without spending a dime on me. Remember, this is a portfolio piece for me, so it's got to be good!
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    I would like ot PM you but do not have enough posts yet.

    Anyway I am in the process of setting up a new website.

    this website is music focused and will be selling a karaoke type program

    This is our own internal program, we have a great design, we have everything apart from the text. There is a massive market out there and I am sure with a good sales copy it will sell very very well.

    It would be great if you can help me out. PM me and I will send you more details


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    This sounds like a fantastic offer to the members of the forum. Once I am able to PM I will be getting in touch. Thanks
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    I am new here so I cannot send a PM.
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    Gwells -sorry, but I've already picked someone. Thanks for your interest anyway.
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