When's the best time to send your email?

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Found this:

Best Time To Send Email [INFOGRAPHIC] | Email Marketing Tips – Blog GetResponse

Might be useful for those of you sending plenty of autoresponders and not getting much of a response. They analyzed 21 million emails from a plethora of US accounts.

Check it out. Oh, and if you're one of those TL;DR kinda people, scroll to the bottom to the sub-head titled "Key Takeaways".
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    This is a great infographic. I know my inbox has tons of emails in the morning, and I normally just go through them and delete. I'm more likely to actually read them in the early afternoon between 3-4 when work is winding down.
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    I'm glad you find the infographic valuable! If you have any suggestions for future infographics, just PM me.

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    that is a brilliant post - thanks so much! I always set my emails up to be delivered at 8.00am so I am very happy your research confirms my approach, thanks again.
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  • Hey guys, thank Jim!

    I'm just the messenger! He's the guy providing the info.

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    BenPalmerWilson Copywriting
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      Originally Posted by CharismaticMannequin View Post

      Hey guys, thank Jim!

      I'm just the messenger! He's the guy providing the info.

      Oh, that's way too much credit Ben! I didn't do the research, the infographic or the post on our blog. I'm just another messenger

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    After finish my office work completely, I have subscribe some alerts as my requirements. I also delete all unwanted email.
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      That is great info, thanks.
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    Love the English person drinking a cup of tea at 2pm... just missed the bowler hat, we all wear them here;-)

    Great infographic, thanks for sharing.
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    Thank for Sharing............Massenger
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    Nice infographics thinking of resharing on my blog
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    a very help info. thanks for sharing.
    i was of the belief that you can never know until you try. now i know better, thanks once again
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      I have the same reasoning as commenter Conrad Stuart when it comes to Tweeting: "I send almost all emails . . . when most people on the West coast, East coast, UK and AU are all . . . awake or about to be at the same time."

      Stacey Mathis
      Stacey Mathis Copywriting
      The Copywriter's Highway to Success
      Twitter: @staceythewriter

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    This is a good insight. Although I have a question, is this Pacific time or Eastern time? Is that New York 8am or Los Angeles 8am? Thanks for your info.

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    I vouch for between 3-4pm depending on the market. This has worked best for my clients.
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