What Font to use for Sales e-mails

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I am just about to send out a batch of sales mails and i was wondering what the best font to use is.

I'm a fan of Times New Roman - but I have been reading Ariel is the most popular.

What are your thoughts - or doesn't it really make that much difference?

Thanks for any advice.
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    I have never seen a credible study showing that one font is somehow "better" than another.

    Of course, you should pay attention to how legible and easy a font is to read because definitely some fonts are harder on the eyes and are more difficult to read.

    My personal favorites are Verdana, Tahoma, Century Schoolbook, Georgia, and a few lesser known special fonts. You can't go wrong with Times New Roman or Arial either. But your preferences may be different and that's OK.


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    Like Steve above, I am not sure it really matters how that much.

    Personally, I tend to go with Georgia. I think it is just a "smooth" and easy to read font.
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    Fonts matter in that they should be easily readable and easy on the eyes...

    Compare this

    To this

    The fonts a reader sees on his or her email will depend on their system's settings. I'm willing to bet it's likely Arial or some other "Sans Serif".

    But I think the settings are more for Text emails. Don't know about HTML emails where a sender has much more control.

    You can do a split test (Aweber allows this); where you send an email blast in one font to one segment of your list and another blast to another segment and find out which one converts better. But I think your time will be better spend testing bigger conversion factors such as your offer, landing page, or page copy
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    The Bloody Large Bold Font (I forget the name) would be kind of fun.

    Pretty much whatever's easy on the eyes and also consider the target audience you have on your list. Are the majority of people middle-aged or retired? They're more than likely not going to be able to read the insane or small font.

    I'll just put a few out here to give you an idea of what you think would look better to readers. (Objects may appear larger than normal for your judgment).

    Arial Black
    Arial Narrow
    Book Antiqua
    Century Gothic
    Comic Sans MS
    Courier New
    Franklin Gothic Medium
    Lucida Console
    Lucida Sans Console
    Microsoft Sans Serif
    Palatino Linotype
    Times New Roman
    Trebuchet MS

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    Thanks guys - i think i'll stick with Times New Roman - it just looks neater to me.

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      text (not html) has better deliverability.

      You don't get a font choice with text emails.

      That's why most marketers use text.

      Some extremely credible marketers who deliver
      mindblowing content (like Clayton Makepeace
      used to) used html emails.

      If your regular content is so awesome you can
      get better click rates with html than with
      with text emails, then you can test fonts.
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        Originally Posted by Loren Woirhaye View Post

        text (not html) has better deliverability.
        The flip side of that is you can't track opens when sending plain text. Makes it hard to test subject lines.
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      Originally Posted by staffjam View Post

      Thanks guys - i think i'll stick with Times New Roman - it just looks neater to me.
      On the computer Times New Roman ranked as one of the least readable fonts.

      Veranda & Arial were among the top.
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    I am on Dan Kennedys list and Kerns and what I've notice is that I get a basic email that's a teaser and says something like continue reading on my blog.... "HERE".

    one way to track.
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