The surprising email subject headline that 46.91% opened

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Hi Gang,

I sent this out email to my tax practice list.

And it got a 46.91% open rate, which is really good for me.

I credit that open rate to the fact the subject is something we all want: VIP access.

Plus, the timing of it really mattered, on April 15, the last day to do taxes.

Lastly, and this is a really cool "secret" to share: the teaser email copy compelled people to open it up.

And what I mean by teaser email copy is that when you get an email from Gmail, you see the email subject headline, and in grey, you see the beginning of the email.

I call that the "email teaser copy".

Most email copywriters NEVER openly talk about this vital subject.

Just know that's is really really important.

So, here's the email subject headline:

my cell phone #

Here's the teaser copy the gmail shows in grey:

In case you need to get a hold of me at a moments

Other points to know:

1) Hardly any professional gives out their cell phone number. Just doesn't happen.

2) I make getting a hold of me really really really hard.

Not because I'm "manufacturing demand" like Dan Kennedy, but because it's easier for me to block time on certain days to do certain things (btw, this helps if you're A.D.D. like me. Once I get in grove, it's easy to roll)

How you can swipe this concept in your practice:

1) What thing do your clients want, crave, demand that is considered rare in your field of practice.

2) tease them with giving it to them


p.s., if somebody asks, I'll be happy to paste the content of the email.
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    It would be pretty cool to see the email that you sent - thanks for sharing this pretty cool tatic I had not even considered this

    - Jonathan
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    Here's the email copy.

    In case you need to get a hold of me at a moments notice, I thought you might want my cell phone number.

    But, here's the deal ADAM-TEST....

    With hundreds of clients, I can't just "give my cell number away", so my wife says.

    Maria said, "Adam, with tax season over, it's D.D.T."

    And I'm like, "What the heck is D.D.T.?"

    With no hesitation, "Daddy Diaper Time!" and walks a few paces away from me, then turns around and says, "I was a "tax widow" for 3 months, it's my time with you."

    But, she's okay with "Diamond Level" clients having access to my cell phone number.

    If you're the type of person who wants 24/7/365 access to me (even during my vacation which I'm on right now. Once I hit the "send email", I'm out of here baby!), then the "Diamond Level" membership might be a good fit for you!

    Plus, when you a member of the Diamond Club ADAM-TEST, you get 20% my Kauai Business Strategy Intensive. This is gonna be a 5 day business strategy intensive at a beach front villa I rented in Poipu. You can check out the location of this killer villa by clicking this link.

    Only 4 spaces are available for this intensive, which include pre-intensive coaching, with 12 months of dedicated follow-up support. 1 spot has already been sold.

    Plus, with Diamond Level membership, you get full IRS audit protection for 3 years.

    And of course, my cell phone number.

    If you are interested in Diamond Level membership, email She'll reply with the next steps to getting you VIP access.

    If you don't need immediate access, I'll be returning emails and calls next week.

    Take care and thank you for your support!


    Adam Libman, CRTP 255 E. Santa Clara St ste 210 arcadia, California 91006 United States (626) 280-6865

    The Most Bad-Ass Tax Reduction Strategist for Internet Marketers who HATE paying taxes. See my happy clients

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      Pretty good! If I may ask, copyassassin, are you a CPA?

      EDIT: Nevermind, I see that you're a CRTP.
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