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I've create a video squeeze page for my free offer and wanted to run it in here first before i start promoting it. Let me know what you think.
Please only constructive comments, no bashing. Thanks.
The Link Inside My Sig
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    Where is the traffic coming from?

    Yes it really does make a BIG difference!

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    you got spelling mistakes in the presentation
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  • It is convincing, but you want to tone down the hype. Paint pictures which people can see of earning $100 a day, or $500 per week. Either that, or get some testimonials - those will increase conversions. Also instead of saying 'IMAGINE WHERE YOU'LL BE 30 DAYS FROM NOW' I suggest something more under the radar 'DON'T YOU JUST SEE YOURSELF EARNING $___ PER DAY '
    Hope that bit of advice helps.

    To prosperity brother!
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    It didn't hold my attention long, it's not specific enough for me to even care about watching the video. There's a TON of ways to make five figures online, give me an idea of how I'm going to be doing it and what kind of lifestyle I'll create, what experience I'll need. You really need to sell the video watch, or you're going to get a lot of bounces on any traffic
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    A lot of good points have been made here so far by reputable marketers. In looking at your page, I would break it down to be more specific in the dollar amounts that can be attained. Also, the consumer has to be able to visualize he/she doing this in their own efforts.

    For example, maybe something like this....

    3 Solid Strategies That Can Help You Bank Over $10,283.00 Per Month With

    As for traffic, I would try some Solo Ads once you feel like you have it tweaked enough. Send about 500 clicks (100 from five different Solo Ad Providers) or so in order to see how the conversions look.

    Also consider creating a couple of variations that can be used in a split test for your campaign.

    Social Proof as previously mentioned is also very useful in this test.

    Good luck!
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    I would suggest a more enthusiastic voice on the video..
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