Turning the Competition into an Enemy

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'Make $1000 per day Using this Scheme'

'Lose 15kg Body Weight Within 5 Days!'

We come across such curiosity-arousing hard-hitting headlines every day.

When the market is saturated with such messages, it is better for the marketer to seek new strategies. People like change. Give them meaningful change. You will be in business.

One psychological technique is that of teaming up with prospects in order to beat the competition.

A two against one fight is usually won by the teamed up.

Though the competition might comprise many marketers, since they use the same strategies, I regard them as one.

Show the prospect that losing weight or getting rich slowly is the ideal way.

Back it up with strong reasons. Remind them of their past failure to get rich quickly when they bought some schemes.

By so doing, you will align yourself with prospects against your competitors --- you will turn your competitors into an enemies.

Be different --- sell the difference!

Remember, naturally, people like change, so give them the change they want.
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