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I'm setting up a web writing site for my daughter (she's s journalist) and need to include some good resources (including links to). http://webwriting101.com

At the moment I'm using an article submission service to quickly populate the site with some content but need to build in some affiliate links to web writing resources and some directory listings too.

Any suggestions? Recommendations?

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    well..at the cost possibly being accused of self promotion...you could always link to a few author blogs too
    ones that focus on the process of writing, publishing etc
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    Does it have to be restricted to a web writing service. You seem to have a number of sites and must have contacts already
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    Hi Norma,
    You seem to have a number of sites and must have contacts already
    Most of my sites are used by offline businesses and visitors in the building, real estate and travel industries.

    And while I have access to many affiliate programs, few seem to target writing skills, which is why I thought to ask the writers on the WF if you can recommend programs or even have your own books, etc. that are available with resell rights or through clickbank, etc.

    The directory can be used without renumeration in any form. WF members can list free in multiple categories, just pm me after you listed
    This site's focus is web writing in its broad spectrum as opposed to web marketing or general writing skills. Obviously there will be overlaps.

    The idea is to provide a writing resource for web site owners of all shapes while at the same time providing an income vehicle for my daughter.

    I will probably look at other areas of writing as well for other sites and I am am in the process of opening some of my sites to article writers to publish uinique content - I tried an article submission service on a number of sites but the duplicate and unrelated articles published caused me to stop most of them. I currently use them only to quickly get 50 to 100 articles up.

    I hope I answered the question you asked.

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