Objections section in sales letter?

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Would a section titled something like

"I know this is great but what if"

then i would go over customer objections and address each one

would placing a section like this near the bottom of my sales page be sometihng that is valuable and would increase conversions?
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    Answering objections is a basic part of any selling. I can still
    remember memorizing the answers to several objections as
    as a door-to-door salesman.

    While you are writing the sales letter you are answering
    objections all the time. Can I trust him? This is too
    expensive? What if I don't like the product? Is this the
    answer to my problems? Will it really work as promised?

    You get the point.

    When clients hire me I ask to see their FAQ because it
    gives me a good idea about the objections that people
    are having with the products. Questions are normally

    So you may choose to raise the objection as a question,
    for example, in my sale letter for my services, because
    they are expensive, I raise the question: "But isn't
    5-figures too expensive?", then I go on to handle that

    I would not recommend using a section of the sales letter
    for handling objections, but while you are writing the
    letter always think about the objection the client would
    have AT THAT POINT IN THE LETTER and then handle it

    That's what I think. And that's what I do.

    -Ray Edwards
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      Ray is spot on, your letter is like a conversion with your prospect... you handle objections as they would normally come up in that conversation.
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    It's a little subtle, but I actually try to build-up to the
    objection and elicit it in the the reader's mind - not
    just assuming "oh, it would come-up here", but instead
    building a structure of logic that forces it to come up,
    bring it up, acknowledge that the objection is legitimate,
    and answer it.

    If your product has weaknesses admit them readily but
    try to find a way to reframe them as advantages to
    the BUYER. ie. "well, we don't use the same hoity-toity
    cloth our competition uses - which is part of why out
    trousers are cost less - but really we feel our customers
    just want some good pants without the ritzy attitude...
    and price."

    (my copy here is a bit silly. The Land's End catalog
    is really good reading for this sort of "why ours is your
    best value" copy)
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    Use the FAQs of a business for the Sales Page. I had never thought of that. We all learn a lot on this forum.
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