Prices Effect Conversion

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I am currently writing a copy for my
newsletter which which will consist of
4 interviews with different internet marketing experts.

I am charging $40 and I was wondering whether
there is a special direction I should go?

I have done a little research and there seems
to be a way of increasing conversion using the price.

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    Yesterday I mentioned the post over at Copyblogger. I can't link to it yet, just search on google for: How to Use Copywriting Anchors for Smooth-Sailing Sales

    Here is another resource (which I can not link to) price
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    Price is also closely tied with concept for your product
    because people will always associate price with value.

    It doesn't matter what great value you offer, if you set
    a low price on your product people interpret this as the
    amount of value you are offering OR how great YOU think
    your product is.

    Price is only ONE of the factors in the sale equation though.
    There are positioning, market, competition, time of year,
    credibility, offer ... all these add up to affect your final

    -Ray Edwards
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    The 4Ps of marketing are extremely important in getting conversions.

    Product : The product needs to have value. Customers wont pay even a penny if its worthless. Iam sure you have written your newsletter with alot in mind so its definetly going to be worth something.

    Place : Online obviously. But which people are you targeting?

    Price : Closely linked with product. People have a common perception that a higher priced product is going to be more valuable. Now iam not saying that you should charge $1000. All iam saying is, keep the price at a level which would make the customers feel that the product is something valuable.
    Keeping it in a range of $10-15 might get you conversions, but the revenue wont be maximised.

    Promotion: Advertise somewhere useful. Dont go advertising in places where people would be forced to open your website. Try something where people would visit your website because they are interested
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  • Profile picture of the author Igor Kheifets
    Thanks for the replies, but my question was a bit
    different, maybe I wasn't clear.

    I have read that a product which is priced $47.90
    will more/less converting than the one priced $49.99 or $49.50

    I was talking about the specific nubmers' effect on conversion.

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