Problem with ebay item location (I'm in Canada; products ship from US)

by tj001
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I live in Canada and work with a wholesale supplier from the US who ships products directly to customers for me. I'm looking to set up an ebay store, but am running into issues with shipping because it applies Canada Post to domestic shipping, presumably due to my address.

I would buy from the wholesaler directly, then ship to the customer, but Canadian shipping rates make it extremely difficult to profit this way, so I'm opting for the supplier's direct-to- customer-program, which charges a handling fee but still remains easier to profit from than sending the items here first.

Since the items will be shipped from the US, I need the listing to apply US postal services to domestic shipping, otherwise customers are getting inaccurate information.

Changing the item location to the supplier's address did not help the issue.

Does ebay not allow this sort of selling? Do I need to contact ebay for assistance?

Thanks in advance; I would appreciate any help on the matter.
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