What is the best E-com Shopify Course?

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What is the best Shopify E-com course to get?

That teaches you how to be competitive with shopify, how to change your game in Facebook advertising?

How to choose the best products to sell in shopify and the future?

Because I will be competing with othet 100,000 plus Shopify stores out there?

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    You can learn a lot about the knowledge and experience related to dropshipping through google, youtube, reddit, and quora.

    Search with a variety of keywords, you can find that there will be many results. And they are all free.
    Chinabrands is an established leading global drop shipping platform that goes with offering thousands of the most popular products .
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    There are tons of videos available that covers Shopify (Drop Shipping). You can easily have a basic idea about it for free.

    Regarding , Facebook Advertisements you will need to look through Jon Loomer's and other Facebook marketing related blogs which will easily help you to get started. Instead of throwing money on courses i suggest you spend the same amount on advertisement budget. The more you test the more better your ad campaign will be!
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    Originally Posted by chris032 View Post

    Because I will be competing with othet 100,000 plus Shopify stores out there?
    You won't be competing with all the other Shopify stores - that's just the selling platform. Any competition will come from those selling similar products or services.

    Focus on identifying a market you can reach, and then finding offers to match.
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    Thank You for the responses, but I am thinking about selling almost anything in general, like having a general Shopify store.

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    There are many courses available online. We can't say which one is best. I think you must check out their reviews and then judge them.
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    Go to the main forum section - look at the first 'sticky' post by Fred Lam - click on it - go for it.

    Even easier - here it is:


    We have a new family business - please 'like us' and help us get off to a good start in this part time enterprise.
    Appreciate it! https://www.facebook.com/assumethecondition/
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