Being Ready To Make Massive Ecom Sales During this Last Quarter Its Not Late

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Hey Guys

Well I am just writing to help you boost you Income the last quarter. This is purely from my experience and what I am currently doing for my Clients who I manage Store For.

1. Set your Store have a Nice Theme - free one you can start with is Supply Theme.
I have got mine customized though.

2. I am a fan of General Ecom Store so this is what I go for.

3. Research Best Selling Products

This is how I do my research - You can always buy spy tools but for now I focus on spending every extra single penny on ads.

Head on to

Click on Hosting Company and Choose Canada as Shopify is from Canada then Choose Shopify.

All the stores from Shopify will come up and you can arrange by rank.

On chrome google this "Ecom Inspector Add On" and then install the chrome add on.

Visit the stores ranking high and then with the add on see what are the best sellers.

Add the products from Ale Express using Oberlo App and test to sell on facebook. Dont Overthink.

Make Sure your store has your facebook pixel.

4. How to sell on facebook.

Create or get created a video ad for your product. Simple way is Problem Solution type videos. Do Max 40 seconds video.

Post it on your fanpage and create a conversion ad - Optimise for Purchases even if you dont have any purchase. test 10 products.

Each 20 dollar Adsets and do 3 of them. Each adset do 3 ads with Different Thumbnails testing 3 angles.

If at the spend of $20 no sale Kill and forget about the product. If 1 sale leave the setup for 3 days to see if you get consistent 3 days sales. If this happens you have a winner.

Remember as long as you are selling and breaking even or small losses, you are building a customer list.

Play around with the price to maximise sales. Check what is converting, check ages, gender, platforms and then Scale.

5. Scale - Instead of spending $20 spend $200

Create 4 adsets of $50 each different Interests related to the product and use the optimised data you got above.

Alternative if You want to Move through the testing phase fast - Sell very cheap Products to build your Pixel and get it warm faster - this is what I am also doing for New Store that I am working on.

At 100 sales do Look Alike audience of People Who have viewed 95% of your video and another Look Alike for Add to Basket. NB dont do look alike for purchase coz its just 100 sales.

Test $20 ads and scale to $50 per adset if sales are coming.

At 1000 sales create look alike for purchase and also sale worldwide dont limit your self to USA. Secret for one of my product best selling country is Mexico and, Below $2 Cost per Purchase.

If those Figures above are Scaring you, do $3 - $5 adsets and scale to $20 if you are tight on budget.

Start Somewhere atleast.

6. Use CJ instead of Ali Express. I also have a warehouse in USA so that we fulfill fast. So thats something you can consider and buy the products that sale in bulk to get massive discounts.

7. Must Have Apps.

Abandoned Cart Protector Plus
Re Cart
Currency Converter.
personalizer by limespot.

8. You will notice during festive period the costs will be high to run fb esp in USA, rely on the email lists you have build.

Every Week you should be mailing offers to your list.

Hope this gives at-least little value to what you already know.

Thank You

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