Let's share together The Most common email marketing mistakes:)

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I have started this thread, to share together some of The Most common email marketing mistakes people are actually making !

For me one of the Most common email marketing mistakes is requiring login to unsubscribe (aka "manage subscription preferences"). As a result, I just mark as spam instead. Bad for everyone.

let's have a good clean discussion with facts, sources, and personal experiences
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    Mistake #1 - Not Knowing What Your Niche Wants
    Mistake #2 - Being Afraid to Sell Anything
    Mistake #3 - Making Your Emails a Pitch Fest
    Mistake #4 - Not Emailing Enough
    Mistake #5 - Emailing TOO Much
    Mistake #6 - Not being Original trying to be a Copy Cat Marketer.
    Mistake #7 - Having NO Personality.
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    Not participating in email marketing.
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    Maybe the biggest mistake by ignorance is not having an strategy on email marketing of not building a relationship with your subscribers..
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    One time (and years ago), after promising a single-person and paranoid host provider that my newsletter and email script would NOT send out unsolicited emails, guess what happened.


    One stupid programming mistake and then that happened.

    I wanted to cry.

    Thankfully, there were only 15 subscribers at the time.
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    Long content.
    Too Commercial Subjects
    Not researching the best time to send emails (according to niche)
    Inappropriate Target Clients to Email
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  • Being boring.
    Strong Men and Women put themselves in harms way
    for the freedoms weak people give away for safety
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    Not building a relationship with your subscribers and affiliates. Also, shinny object syndrome.
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    Mistake #1 - Not achieving the highest opt-in rates
    Mistake #2 - Not offering a special offer after the opt-in to recover your marketing costs.
    Mistake #3 - Not investing in paid traffic sources such as solo ads
    Mistake #4 - Not investing time in free traffic sources (or outsourcing it)
    Mistake #5 - Not having high quality emails in your auto-responder sequence
    Mistake #6 - Not offering free content in between your promotions
    Mistake #7 - Not sending out enough emails for 1 promotion
    Mistake #8 - Not promoting your own products
    Mistake #9 - Not promoting affiliate products
    Mistake #10 - Not offering bonuses for affiliate products
    Mistake #11 - Not cleaning out your list every year to remove inactive subscribers to keep your costs down

    By far the two most important components is having a good daily opt-in rate and making sure you're sending out emails often. At the end of the day you need cash flow to keep your business running.
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    Not being original!

    Sure, swipe a technique you come across that you see merit in, but don't try to swipe anyone else's 'Style'.

    Develop your own, and wear it out!
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    #1 Leaving default autoresponder pages in the sign-up funnel

    #2 No understanding of how to make an offer

    #3 Not delivering what was initially promised

    #4 Having no personality or confidence to show me that you're worth listening to.

    #5 Pitches crap products or solo ads

    #6 Not sending enough broadcasts / follow-up that I forget who you are.

    #7 Selling my details onto someone else.
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