How do I design E-commerce emails?

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So, I have this client who wants me to design professional-looking E-commerce emails for their online store. I took the job on, thinking the only thing I would be doing is writing the email copy, which I have done before. But no, they want me to go onto Mailchimp and produce an email from scratch...which I accepted because I have been in contact with them for a long time and am looking to build up my portfolio.

Long story short, I have Googled EVERYTHING but cannot find any help anywhere so I am hoping some of you warriors (if that's what you're called?) can answer my questions.

How are e-commerce emails, that I am sure almost everyone receives from different shops, produced? Are they template-based, coded from scratch, what?

My client is looking for something like this Look What You (Almost) Missed 👀 - Really Good Emails - how would I go about it?

Also, are there any good websites/email marketers that you would recommend me checking out to get some more information?

Any email marketing advice would be appreciated, thanks.

ALSO - This is my first post, so I am very new to the forum.
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    From what you said, this may be a task that's outside your scope to do from scratch. Being able to write good email copy and designing an html based email takes 2 different skills.

    There are however some good templates out there that are already coded with graphics and ready for you to change out the links and texts. Not too sure about Mailchimp, but GetResponse and Aweber have lots of free nice looking email templates you can work from.

    If finding a designer is not an option, I'd start with searching for html email templates, and I am sure you should be able to find something you can work with.

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    This is very simple template. If you can't, you can hire anyone.
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    Getting a template created is a good bet if you don't know how to design one yourself. I'm sure you can find someone on Fiverr.
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