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How do you write content emails and where can you get content to write them?

I have a good training on promo emails but I would like training on how you should write content (relationship building) emails?

Any training out there that would be good for me?
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  • The best content emails are stories and case studies that would interest your audience.
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    Content emails are overrated.

    Have interesting and fun emails that direct to products, or to content on your blog.

    Never have a lecture in your emails. That's boring and unprofitable.
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    Always offer your subscribers something of value and you should be fine. Remember to keep your message short and helpful and then include your link at the end.
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    Why most people fail with emails..

    1. Weak headlines. Your headline doesn't provoke enough curiosity to get the email opened. Email Headlines are important and you must take the time to craft them.

    2. The opening sentence is impotent. You make it easier for the reader to discontinue reading.

    3. Rather than write in clear, colloquial English, most people try to impress the reader and show how educated, intelligent, smart, and knowledgeable they are.

    4. Not telling a story that grabs the reader by the scruff of the neck and forces him or her to keep reading.

    5. Never ever writing in a funny and humorous way that gets the reader laugh or smile. If you can get people to relax and smile, you can get them to open their wallets.

    6. Thinking that educating the reader is more important than entertaining them.

    7. Failing to ask the reader to buy. The main purpose of a marketing email is to sell and if you craft it properly, you create enthusiasm and pass it on to the reader.
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