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anyone suggest me, how to get database of email ids of restaurants. I want to send newsletter to those about the restaurant app that we promote.
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    Hey hilarioushari,

    You can go to various online business directories, and find the contact info of many restaurants.

    Think of sites like yellowpages and similar sites.

    They usually have their contact email listed with other info like phone, and website.

    I hope this helps you buddy
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      Useful . These sites does not provide email ids, but have contact and phone numbers.
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    You could also try get the list from your national (or local - depends on your target group) chamber of commerce.

    It will not be easy, but if you get the list it will be the most complete and updated from any other source.
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    There are data brokers that can provide you with this. It won't be cheap though.

    I have seen business email databases that are inexpensive, but not sure how accurate they are. You would need to strip the restaurants out and then verify the emails and get rid of all the bounces. You could also verify the domains to make sure they have working MX. you could then remove all of those that don't before verifying for bounces, since those are guaranteed to bounce. Of course you probably don't have the tools to do this, but you could weight the cost of them against other options and their costs.

    You can check out the offline marketing section. Many of them use scrapers to collect business emails. While scraping is not a BAD solution for B2C, it is very common for B2B. So see what is working best for them.
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    there are many online data companies out there that provide lists by industry and country. You would have to try these out until you find good lists - watch out though - they can be expensive and you have no idea how old the data is
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    yellowpages and some other similar site provide all details about various issue. You can try their. You can collect from your own landing page. A lot of gig available in Fiverr and PPH about B2B , you may buy them. Thanks
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    Hello...You can get email ids of restaurants by the following ways:
    1)Use an email spider which scraps emails from facebook,linkedin and other such social sites.

    2)There are many online email data companies from which you can buy an email list but the there is no guarantee here about the validity of the emails.

    3)Create a squeeze page and provide soe free gift or goodies online to motivate people to give you their email ids.

    Good luck to you !
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    Originally Posted by hilarioushari View Post

    anyone suggest me, how to get database of email ids of restaurants. I want to send newsletter to those about the restaurant app that we promote.
    Have a look at this software. It's not my affiliate link, but never mind, just helping out

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