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I'm kind of new to email marketing. I know that i will need a landing page. But the problem is i'm not that creative nor do i know how to design a good one. I also want to know how many landing pages should i test when i start my ppc campaigns? Also has anybody had somebody on fiverr design them descent landing pages?
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    Congrats on making the jump to email marketing! I'm sure that you're going to be an email marketing rockstar in no time

    There are a bunch of programs out there like click funnels and optimize press that make it extremely simple to create custom, awesome looking landing pages in like 5-10 minutes. Plus they all have templates you can use, just change what the page is saying…easy peasy!

    As for rolling with fiverr for a high converting landing page, you get what you pay for. Try it out if you really want to, but remember that if it looks cheap, you will more than likely drive away potential email list sign ups and sales.

    As for how many pages to split test at a time, it should be 3. To make it easy, simply put them on a rotator which will rotate through them each time the link is clicked. Just be sure that you're using a good third party tracking system like click meter or something like that!

    I hope that helps and good luck!
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      i will take your advice thank you! what would be a reasonable amout of emails i should send out each day for an affiliate product that i'm promoting. I'm kind of full of a bunch of questions about email marketing lol.
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    You could spend an eternity trying to get your landing page developed. But, the design isn't as important as the sales copy and the appeal to the emotions of your target audience. If you're interested, I put together a program that shows you how to do it.... and it will be launching by 2/15. You can grab a seat here: Lead Fishing Formula. Take care.

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    Get yourself some landing page builder software.

    Look into Thrive Content Builder, WP Profit Builder, Optimize Press2 and Instabuilder.

    All of them work essentially the same and will save you hours of time and headaches when building landing and opt-in pages.
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    I have personal experience with WP profit builder and adsbridge and I can recommend wp profit builder because I like how customizable it is .

    Even if adsbridge looks like cheaper option because it is landing page builder(hosting) + tracking platform . So if you are using wp profit builder , you need hosting for your wordpress website and tracking platform.
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      Thank you everybody for you're kind advice. I will probably go with WP profit builder. When it comes to marketing affiliate products.. Typically how many products does a person promote? and how many emails a day do people usually send out? I kind of have an idea what i will be doing.. but i know that trial and error will come with it. I just dont want to seem like i'm spamming, or annoy subscribers..
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    You can get a lot of advises from the Guide of Wordpress.
    It'll suggest you the right way to design landing pages according to your site. It is much helpful and trusted.
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    There are plenty of lead capture page online, there are software that does so can help to split test and track traffic and optin, simply..

    google: leadpages alternative

    Originally Posted by darren199025 View Post

    .....I also want to know how many landing pages should i test when......
    you will not have any specific answer! what worked for other people does not necessary have to work for you! plus it depends on a lot different factors!
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