Email tools monthly cost is exaggerated if your business grows

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Mail services pricing are exaggerated, they offer us a cheap starting option but then prices growth, and it keeps growing.

Did you know that mail chimp monthly cost is about 1.000 US$ if you reach about 200k suscribers? And 5.000US$ per month or more if you are over a million suscribers.

Too much money is spent on growing list of subscribers, and then, surprise you must pay more because you list growh!

There is no way to just pay one time for a software?
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    I think you are grossly under estimating the amount of work and care it takes to inbox email accounts on a massive enterprise scale.

    Sure, you can setup your own server and pay for it once, but you wont have a clue what you are doing and will have all your ips, domains, and reputation killed to nill within a measly matter of hours.

    You pay esp's for simplicity and inboxing, and even them, with their high prices as you suggest, still at times have trouble inboxing users emails, even simple transactional email.

    If you have a million users in an opt in list on get response, and you cant generate $5,000 a month from them, you are failing miserably at affiliate marketing. A list this large should generate you five figures a day.
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    If you've got a list that large and you know how to monetize it, that money is well worth it.

    However, you could go with a different autoresponder service, as not all of them charge that much.

    When it comes to once-off fee autoresponder solutions, they are using self-hosted solutions. While I've never tried a self-hosted solution, my research shows that it is worth way much more trouble than it is worth.
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    Mail chimp is 01 class Tools. As their quality service I think the price is reasonable.
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    Mail chimp is 01 class Tools. As their quality service I think the price is reasonable.
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    Ok, thank you for your replies, im new and im still on planing process of my blog.

    I get another site (in my niche) full mail list but i will not use it because advice of more experienced users.

    I will create my site in two languages (Spanish and English), so i think that my list can growth fast, but anyway i have not enoght experince now... i just watch pricing of email tools and I fell into panic.

    Anyway, i think that a suscriber list of Spanish-speaking It is not as easy to monetize.
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    I use autoresponders and I also have my own custom built mail platform and run my own servers and IPs.

    Which I use just depends on the quality/hygiene and an autoresponder is always going to be my first choice if it is possible. I'll actually move data back and forth depending on responsiveness. Also with autoresponders, I would personally never have more than around 100K contacts in any one account, because if you had a huge amount and it gets terminated, it's gonna be a pain. Lastly deliverability can vary and one provider may deliver well to gmail and another provider will deliver well to yahoo. So you can move data around based on what's working the best.

    As far as running your own set up, the cost per message is incredibly cheaper. However, for the average person that doesn't know what they are doing, there's definitely a risk of it not work out.

    Don't be fooled by smtp services that charge by the amount of messages. Many times the price you see people quote is for transactional messages and not marketing and marketing message carry a large premium. Then realize with an autoresponder you are paying for the amount of contacts and unlimited messages. Now if you send a message to a list very infrequently. the per message cost of an smtp service is probably cheaper, however if your doing that, are you even making money? Where if you use an autoresponder, you can aggressively market to the list and your cost will be substantially cheaper per message because you pushing the unlimited messages ability..

    That's my 2 cents.
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    My last concern if I had a million subscribers would be monthly email costs. My first would be where to park my Ferrari's.
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    The fact that you're asking that question indicates you probably don't have the expertise to self-host. (I could be wrong...)

    However, I think you will find that using a third party to handle this for you will pay HUGE dividends.

    Trying to handle this from your home will have your ISP shutting you down quickly.

    Once you get past 1,000 subscribers you should start seeing income, and as your income grows you will be able to easily scale your business.

    This is one aspect you probably don't want to do yourself and pays to use a good service.

    I use GetResponse and have been very happy with the value and service for over 10 years.

    All the best,

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    The price is so much because when you have 200k subscribers in your list you should be making good money from it and it is expensive for them to host such a massive list and be able to provide a good service
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